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Tan France ‘Overjoyed’ to Learn Baby No. 2 Is on the Way

Ahhh! You read that right! Tan France and his husband Rob, married since 2007, are expecting their second child — and we are so excited for another Queer Eye baby. Baby France is due this summer, and though the couple knows the sex and has picked the name, they have chosen to not reveal those details. Our money is on another biblical baby name!

The dads told PEOPLE they are so excited to not only have another child, but to give their son Ismail, 21 months, a little sibling.

“We wanted him to have someone that will be his person that he’s tethered to,” France said. “I’m really close with my siblings and my husband is really close with his, so we wanted to create a family where [our child] would have more support other than just Rob and I … the most exciting part is that he will have somebody hopefully for the rest of his life that he gets to call his person.”

How stinkin’ cute is that? We certainly hope for the same. Ismail isn’t quite in the same headspace yet. Apparently, the tot is only interested in cars.

“All he knows is that there is a car outside with his name on it,” France explained. “As soon as he wakes up the first word is ‘car,’ and the second word is ‘car.’ So it doesn’t matter what we try to explain to him, what we’re trying to show him, his only word is ‘car.'”

Ismail was born via surrogate in July 2021. France said he and Rob once again have a “wonderful” relationship with an “incredible” surrogate. When they found out in Dec. 2022 that she was pregnant, they were “over the moon.”

“It was the best feeling ever,” France said. “I mean, it felt almost as shocking as the first time. I was overjoyed, in tears, I couldn’t believe it had finally happened again. It was just the most incredible feeling.”

In March 2023, France appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show with model Gigi Hadid

“I learned so much about being a parent from G,” he said. “Did I not text you a thousand times saying ‘What would you do in this situation?’”

Turns out the mom-of-one had great advice. When France said he was holding Ismail for eight hours a day for naps, Hadid taught him how to “ease out of” that behavior.

“She was like, ‘Put him in the stroller. He can still see you. Walk around your [kitchen] island in your house to get him to sleep. And then put the stroller there, and just kind of walk away and sit down [where] he can still see you. And then he’ll gradually fall asleep.’”

“That advice changed my life. Changed my life!” he said.

We will be stealing that advice! (Then we will follow safe sleep guidelines. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), if a baby falls asleep in a car seat, stroller, swing, infant carrier, or sling, they should be moved to a firm sleep surface on their back as soon as possible to reduce the risk of sleep-related infant deaths.)

We can’t wait to hear about all the France family’s adventures as a group of four!

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