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Emma Heming Willis’s Daughters Are ‘Almost Begging’ Her to Take Me Time & It’s a Powerful Reminder for Moms

Wearing a poignant “Make Time” blue hat and sunglasses, Emma Heming Willis went hiking on a beautiful sunny spring day in California. Her solo trip was one of self-care in light of her husband Bruce Willisfrontotemporal dementia diagnosis — but she did it for her daughters Evelyn, 8, and Mabel, 11.

Her Instagram Reel, set to Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero,” showed Heming Willis walking among nature, hiking, taking off her shoes and laying back in the grass. She wrote in the caption that her daughters were “almost begging” her to do it.

“Hi! I’m actually the problem 👋🏽,” the model wrote in her caption. “Bruce and his masterful mic-drop-one-liners. He would say, ‘he just can’t get out of his own way.’ I never really understood what it meant until it hit me in the face the other day. It’s me. I can’t get out of my own way.”

She went on, “I plan, organize, look after everyone and I still rarely make time for me. The kicker came from Evelyn a few days ago when she said, ‘Mom, you need to get out and touch the grass.’ Spoken like her father’s child. I knew what she meant. I’m wound so tight that she sees it, they all feel it. How is that serving anyone.”

This is so powerful. Moms think they need to give, give, give to everyone else, holding back their own emotions and self-care to depletion. But Heming Willis is right — how is that serving anyone if you are just a shadow of yourself? So she decided to take her daughter’s sage advice and go on a hike.  

“Today I made time to do something I used to love doing—a 30 min hike and it made all difference,” she wrote. “They are giving me the permission, almost begging me to make time for myself and I need to shhhh, listen and just go 💙 #maketime.”

Her post resonated with many people. One person wrote, “I began following you when I learned of Bruce’s very tough diagnosis. Having been a fan of his since the late 80s 😮, I wanted to keep up-to-date. What I have discovered is what a treasure he has in you! Your deep love for your husband is so obvious. Having a friend whose husband was given the same diagnosis, I saw what a very tough path this is for the spouse who is also becoming a caretaker. Bruce Willis is one very lucky man to have you … please continue to care for yourself … you are very valuable to many!”

“Yes..u need time for you too. Even if it’s just for 5 min. For your peace of mind and mental health,” said another.

Scout Willis and Tallulah Willis, who Bruce shares with ex-wife Demi Moore along with daughter Rumer Willis, both commented on the post. “Yassssssss! This is amazing!!!” wrote Scout. “Love this!!!!❤️” said Tallulah.

Moms are busy, but your self-care time doesn’t have to be long to make a difference. She went out in nature for just 30 minutes, made a super cute video, and just enjoyed the beauty of nature. It is such a powerful reminder that even the smallest amount of time dedicated to ourselves can make the biggest impact on our minds and our families’ wellbeing.

Give yourself permission to go on a solo walk or get your nails done or buy a new face mask and try it out with a glass of wine this week. You deserve it.

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