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Rihanna Shares Photos of Her Baby Boy & He Has More Bling Than We Do

Rihanna isn’t the only one in her family who shines bright like a diamond. She just shared new pictures of her baby boy, and he is dazzling — literally!

The 11-month-old, who the “Diamonds” singer shares with A$AP Rocky — who, BTW, tends to keep his jewelry simpler, mostly keeping to diamond studs and big rings — is bejeweled in pictures from his family’s Easter celebration, taken by MTF Photography.

“Eastuh!!!” Rihanna captioned the most epic egg hunt photos ever on Instagram. Her son (whose name has not yet been revealed) is just wearing a diaper and the most beautiful diamond necklace we’ve ever seen. The diamonds surround emeralds, rubies, and sapphires that dangle down to his chest. It’s all connected with two strands of pearls that clasps around his neck. It’s absolutely stunning. See the photos HERE.

Of course, baby boy doesn’t notice the bling — he’s too busy teething on a blue Easter egg to pay attention to that. In his lap is a shimmering gray Easter bunny, which we bet is worth a pretty penny too. In the background, more eggs, cute baskets, and three real bunnies chill in the grass enclosure with the baby. Our Easter egg hunts could never.

Slide to see more pictures of the sweet baby, this time wearing white bunny ears with embroidered crosses. He’s staring right at the camera with his big brown eyes looking adorable! His little chunky arms, curly dark hair, and squishable little nose are just too cute, even if he didn’t have any jewelery.

“This just might be the most beautiful baby on earth,” one person commented. Another joked, “Bunny probably cost more than my whole house 🔥🔥🔥 yasssss kind.”

“That chain can fix all my problems 😂😂😂,” another said.

Others couldn’t get over how much this boy looks like his dad. “Lil ASAP,” one person wrote. Someone else said, “Rocky’s twin.”

The “Lift Me Up” singer also shared more photos taken during the photoshoot, which you can see HERE.

“Look at heeeeee!!!!” Rihanna wrote in the caption. “Shot by de birFday gal herself @mdollas11 !”

These are wider shots of the baby reading How to Catch the Easter Bunny picture book, while surrounded by what we can now see are five real bunnies! Slide to the end to see him petting one of the bunnies so gently. You can already tell he’s going to be a great big brother to Rihanna and A$AP’s baby on the way.

“My heart ❤️,” Cara Delevingne commented.

“RIHANNA MADE THE CUTEST BABY,” another said, and where is the lie? He is adorable!

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