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Keke Palmer Sings an Original Lullaby for Baby Leodis & Fans Are Demanding an Album

Having a professional singer as a mom definitely has its perks. Namely: getting personalized, beautiful lullabies to fall asleep to! Keke Palmer recently gave us a sample of a song she wrote and sings to her newborn son Leodis, and it’s so good, people are hoping for a new album!

In a new interview with Amazon Music, the Baby, This Is Keke Palmer podcast host shared that in addition to “typical” lullabies for baby Leo (like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”), she also makes up her own. “I do make him his own little songs, too,” she said.

Then, she bursts into song, and it’s absolutely beautiful. “Leo, you’re my favorite boy,” she croons in the video. “Leo, you’re my pride and joy. Leo, there’s no one else that makes me feel the way you do.”

“I’ve been around a long, long time,” she sings. “I’ve seen some things, I can’t define. But what I know, this love is real. There’s no one in this world that can ever make me feel like Leo.”

The “Snack” singer shared that she wrote that beautiful song when she was pregnant with baby Leo and has been singing it since he was in the womb. How sweet is that?!

“Brb going to record an album of lullabies for Leodis…” she teased in her caption. “But until then, you can listen to my R&B in DJ Mode takeover for the next best thing on @amazonmusic 💖.”

Fans were taking her so seriously, demanding she follow through. “Awwww 🥹 drop the Leodis Lullabies,” one person wrote.

“Oh this just warmed my heart so much,” another commented.

“So sweet that you started singing this to him before he was even born 💙❤️💙,” someone else said. One person wrote, “Lullabies for Leo😍❤️.”

The Big Boss star recently shared the sweetest family photo for Easter.

Her and boyfriend Darius Jackson wear coordinating brown shirts as they smile for a photo, with baby Leo sleeping soundly in Jackson’s arms. The 1-month-old is dressed in the cutest brown polka-dot romper with matching bucket hat, and his feet are staying warm with oversized fuzzy booties. Palmer holds her baby boy in the next photo, making a kissy face at his sweet cheeks as he snoozes.

Now we know the secret to his sweet dreams is his mama’s lullabies! We would play that album on repeat for our babies, just saying!

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