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Resurfaced Photos of King Charles III from Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation Show His One Grandchild Picked Up This Trait

When it comes to the Prince and Princess of Wales’ children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, they all seem to take a trait from each member of the family. Charlotte looks exactly like her grandma Princess Diana when she was younger, George looks just like his papa Prince William, and as for Prince Louis, we just found out who he definitely takes after.

In resurfaced photos posted by People, we see a four-year-old King Charles III being as emotive as can be (looking really bored and adorably grumpy) during his mother Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. In more resurfaced photos, we also see him trying to get the late Queen Mother’s attention while the coronation is happening and him looking so silly while looking out with binoculars. Now, do these pics of you of any other four-year-old who makes silly faces at major British royal family events?

If you guessed Louis, then you’re 100 percent right.

These antics seriously remind us of Louis headline-making antics at the Platinum Jubilee, where he made some adorable silly faces in reaction to the loud noises and threw a tantrum with his ever-so-calm mother Kate Middleton.

Now, it seems as though Louis is still an undecided guest at Charles’ coronation, but if he does go, we’re hoping for a snapshot much like this one of his grandpa!

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