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Behati Prinsloo Shared a Rare Glimpse of Her Newborn With Husband Adam Levine

Most people think being a mom of three involves a lot of juggling, but for Behati Prinsloo, it also involves a lot of bouncing. The model shared a video on her Instagram story on Thursday where she is lightly bouncing on an exercise ball, seemingly in an attempt to soothe her newborn who she wears a baby carrier. Prinsloo shares the newborn — whose name and gender haven’t been revealed and whose face hasn’t been shown — with husband Adam Levine. The couple also share daughters Dusty Rose, 6 and Gio Grace, 5.

In the video, the infant’s head is covered by a baby blanket, but we do see a precious little foot sticking out from the carrier.

“Never not bouncing,” she wrote on the video. “I’m a mother of 3 whattttt!!!!!”

Levine, who has come under fire due to his cheating scandal, shared his love for his growing family with an audience in Las Vegas last month.

“I used to do this for myself,” he told the crowd. “And now I do this for them.”

In 2019, Prinsloo opened up to Today about suffering from postpartum depression after the birth of her oldest daughter.

“I think it’s very normal as a young mom and a new mom to feel helpless and to feel overly emotional,” she said. “And I think I got lucky not to have it to an extreme case, but you can see yourself spiraling. And I think that the message is just that it’s never too little to ask for help. So no matter how small your feelings and stress — or whatever it is about being a new mom — there’s always help out there and support from family and friends. And I think nobody judges anyone.”

Prinsloo told E! News last year that she certainly has a strong support system and is lucky to have “a lot of amazing moms” in her life.

“My own mom, my grandmother, Adam’s mom, who lives here. His stepmom. All my friends who have kids. So I have a big support that I can turn to if there’s something I really need to figure out.”

She told the outlet that the best piece of parenting advice she got was something her doctor and Levine’s great-grandmother both said.

“[They] told us is don’t sweat the little things,” she said. “Don’t sweat the little things and pick your battles. There’s a battle nitpick and I’m always like, ‘You know what, this is not the one I need to fight right now because it’s not worth it.'”

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