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This Viral Twitter Thread About a Child’s Lost Lovey Will Reaffirm Your Faith in Humanity

Losing your favorite toy is a pain like no other. How will you be able to go to sleep without your beloved doll named Molly, who feels more like a family member than your little brother? Speaking as a former 3-year-old (and current parent to three little ones), it’s devastating. Parents understand the struggle, so when one little boy lost his beloved lovey on a flight, Twitter jumped right in to help out as best as they could — and the response is absolutely heartwarming.

On April 5, UK-based freelance writer Jill Foster tweeted on behalf of her friend’s son, who lost his toy monkey. “A VERY long shot…but if anyone was on flight BA177 from Heathrow to JFK yesterday (Tues 4 April) at 1.10pm and landing at 3.30pm and found this little fella, there’s a distraught little boy who would love to be reunited with him,” she wrote, adding, “Get in touch if you can help. Thanks.”

The Tweet reached 3.2 million views, with 13.2k likes. And the countless replies will make you feel a little emotional at all the generosity and help.

One person shared a picture of a little monkey that looks the same, writing, “Jill, I have one. My boys have outgrown him. You can have him if it helps?”

She responded, “This is so wonderful. THIS IS MONKEY!!!”

Other parents had advice if the little boy noticed his monkey was different.

“We lost a monkey, left on Barry Island,” they said. “Tried to get back but no luck. Ordered another , looked identical online, when arrived it was twice the size of original. Told son that the Welsh air was so good that he had grown. He grabbed him and said ‘that’s my monkey.’ Good luck 💕”

She shared her “contingency plan,” which is actually pretty genius. “Yes we have contingency plan at the ready involving postcards from New York to say he might look/smell/feel a bit different when he finally returns home from his US adventures. 😬😬😊” Foster responded.

Flight attendants were sharing it on their personal cabin crew pages, others were retweeting to get the message across, and tons were sending her messages of support. One person wrote, “Love that everyone is trying to help 🥰” and Foster responded: “So do I. The boy’s mum (my friend) just sent me this — Whatever happens with monkey, the kindness of people has been incredible. My son has seen so much empathy and that’s worth an awful lot. ❤️❤️”

How amazing that something so tragic (losing your beloved monkey!), could turn into a powerful lesson on the importance of kindness and empathy for other people for this little boy.

Foster shared another update on the monkey search yesterday. “Update: Monkey not found … yet. But so many helpful people: cabin crew, pilots, people sharing on Facebook, lost property/toy apps, offers to remake ‘Monkey’ or replace w/ Monkeys pre-loved by other children,” she said.

“From a random tweet comes nothing but life-affirming kindness. Thank you ♥️,” she added. Talk about the feel-good news we needed today!

We hope this little boy and his monkey are reunited soon — but either way, he’s already received a gift of a lifetime in seeing the compassion of other people. And that is priceless.

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