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Ireland Baldwin Was Stumped By A Common Pregnancy Question & Fans Were Ready With Answers

With every new pregnancy symptom, first-time moms find themselves asking the question, “WTF is up with my body?” Ireland Baldwin is unfortunately coming to know that all too well. The girl-mom-to-be posted a video on Instagram of herself doing some unenthusiastic dance moves while sitting on the table at the doctor’s office. It has the painfully relatable banner, “Just another round of was that a contraction, am I dying, or was that gas.”

Oof. Being pregnant is the best, huh? Fans rushed to Baldwin’s comments with feedback.

“It all feels the same at that point … Until it doesn’t 😍,” one follower commented.

“Gas. You will KNOW when it’s a contraction,” another said. Yeah girl, it probably is gas. Lots and lots of toots. As actor Daryl Sabara pointed out in a TikTok absolutely roasting his wife Meghan Trainor, pregnancy comes with endless flatulence.

Unfortunately, fans also reminded the model that this is not the only fun pregnancy “game” she will play.

“Wait till you laugh hard or sneeze and think your water broke but it was only pee. 😂,” a third fan wrote.

We have been loving Baldwin’s mom content ever since she posted a sonogram photo on New Year’s Eve 2022 revealing that she and her boyfriend DJ Andre Allen Anjos (also known as RAC) were expecting their first child. Her 6-month bumpdate was stunning, and her swaddling technique is *chef’s kiss.*

“Been practice swaddling my orangutan all day 🦧,” she captioned a photo of a stuffed monkey wrapped in a peach-covered baby blanket. I mean, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. And besides, as her cousin, Alaia Baldwin said, “That swaddle job looks pretty fierce.”

In a recent interview with AS, Baldwin — who is the daughter of Alec Baldwin and his ex-wife Kim Basinger — talked about how she’s looking forward to giving her daughter (who she plans to name Holland to keep with the country trend!) a different life than she had.

“What I’m most excited about is really more centered around a lot of things I really wanted in terms of stability as a child myself that I didn’t have. What’s kind of exciting is I get to raise this little human and do things completely differently than what I was taught was the norm.”

“It’s cool that I get to unconditionally love this person and do my best to make her as equipped for this world and badass as possible.”

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