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Kim Kardashian Sparked Backlash by Taking Her Kids to a Hedgehog Cafe

Kim Kardashian is in a prickly situation. She had the audacity to take her kids North, 9, Saint, 7, Chicago, 5, and Psalm, 3, on vacation in Japan and post pictures of it on the Internet. So, naturally, the mom-shamers came out in full force.

“Hedgehog 🦔 cafe 🦔,” The Kardashians star wrote on Instagram, alongside a series of photos of her and the kids petting hedgehogs at the Hedgehog Café & Pet Store in Tokyo. In the first photo, both Kardashian and Chicago are wearing protective gloves as they hold hedgehogs and smile at the camera. She also shares a TikTok showing North and Chicago holding hedgehogs and feeding them worms. It looks super cute and fun — but people had serious thoughts about Kardashian taking her kids there.

“They stress easily. Who thought this was a good idea😢,” one person wrote. Another said, “Wow that is so abusive to those hedgehogs that are nocturnal solitary prey animals but ok.”

“Hedgehogs aren’t toys!” one person said, while somebody else asserted, “This is animal cruelty.”

“So cruel, these are wild animals!!!!!😩” someone else said.

Is petting a hedgehog animal abuse? According to PETA it is. The animal rights organization says that although African pygmy hedgehogs have been domesticated recently, they don’t make for ideal pets as they are docile and nocturnal, they have sharp spikes that stand up when they feel anxious, and they will roll into tight balls when they feel threatened. Not to mention, they can spread illnesses like hand, foot, and mouth disease and salmonella bacteria. Daycare spreads enough sickness, thank you very much!

But still, is this a reason to mom-shame Kardashian for taking her kids to the well-known tourist destination? It’s one thing to point out how hedgehogs may not make for great pets, but it’s another to call her an animal abuser or imply that she thinks these wild creatures are “toys” simply because she participated in an activity with her kids. I mean, c’mon! Don’t you let your kid feed giraffes at the zoo?

Kardashian was just out to do something fun and unique with her kids, and seriously, it’ll be fine. She’s not advocating everyone to go out and buy pet hedgehogs, fam. In fact, visiting a place where the hedgehogs seem happy and well cared for (and not at all anxious!) seems like a much better solution than buying one online to keep at your house, anyway.

Just give the judgement a rest, enjoy the cute kids and adorable hedgehogs, and keep scrolling.

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