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Scarlett Johansson May Be a Superhero, But As a Mom, She’s Going Through a Very Relatable Struggle

When it comes to advice on work-life balance as a parent, Scarlett Johansson is taking suggestions.

During Monday’s episode of The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her podcast, the Marvel actress opened up about how her priorities, especially where her career is concerned, have significantly shifted since she became a mom to 8-year-old daughter Rose (with ex-husband Romain Dauriac) and 1-year-old son Cosmo (with husband Colin Jost).

When co-host Lauryn Bosstick asked Johannson if she has any hacks for work-life balance, the star said, “There is no balance. If you figure it out, let me know. I’m looking for any kind of balance,” she added with a laugh.

Co-host Michael Bosstick replied, “I feel like in a way [becoming a parent] focuses you a little bit more because you’re so intentional with your time. The way I look at it is, any time that is away from my kids, it’s really gotta be worth it.”

“Your perspective changes for sure,” Johansson agreed. “It helps the pieces of your life kind of fall into place a little bit I think when you have this other priority. … You go, ‘Wait, this job is going to take me away from my family for XYZ or I’m going to have to move them in an inconvenient way for this amount of time,’ and yeah, it’s a big change.”

The He’s Just Not That Into You actress explained that while she is able to take her family with her on location, it’s not all fun and adventure. “I work like 15-hour days, you know, so if I’m gonna be working on something and have to relocate everybody, it’s adventurous in some ways for the kids, but they also need stability too,” the mom of two said.

“Now that my daughter is older, I really, you know, I don’t work in the same way that I used to work when I was, you know, 25 years old and your whole focus is that,” Johansson continued. “I was very career driven and focused at that time, and less focused on my own personal growth or whatever.”

If even the highest-paid actress in the world struggles with work-life balance, take this as your sign to give yourself a little grace as well. And if you’ve got any hacks, let ScarJo know.

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