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Reddit Is Stunned By One Dad’s Blatant Favoritism & We Seriously Hope We’re Being Punk’d

One man on the AITA subreddit won’t let his son and grandson move into his house for the most ridiculous reason, and now Redditors won’t move on until this man gets his priorities straight. The original poster (OP) has a son who is 39 and a daughter who is 16. Right off the bat, we have to imagine there is some kind of tension given the age difference. The chances of two siblings with a 23-year age difference having a “typical” brother-sister relationship are slim. After all, he could easily be her father. And then there’s the nephew. He’s a year older than his aunt, so that has to be weird.

Anyway, this dad has a 4-bedroom house. He and his wife share a room, and then the other three rooms are dedicated to his daughter. One for sleeping, one for reading — “She is a bookworm and has a lot of books that wouldn’t fit in her bedroom” — and the last one for painting. Ah, yes, an entire painting room for the fair maiden. Makes sense. She “loves it and is really good at it,” the dad said, and it’s no biggie because the rooms are also not biggie.

Well, now this girl’s brother and his son need a place to stay for “a few months or maybe a year” (meaning it is likely some kind of serious situation), and understandably, he turned to his parents for help.

“My wife and I have been arguing about this a lot,” OP wrote. “My wife thinks we should pack everything in our daughter’s library and painting room and put them in storage somewhere so our son can move in.”

“I think this wouldn’t be fair for my daughter,” he continued. “Painting and reading are her only hobbies and there is no other place at home to put them so she has to give up her hobbies for about a year.”

Now his wife and son think he’s an a-hole (and the internet agrees!) for “trying to make [his son and grandson] homeless.”

After nearly 2,000 comments came in, a lot of them suggesting the daughter only give up one room, OP edited his post to say he “agreed with” that plan and had already suggested it to his wife. OK, we have to call bullsh*t on that one. If this man was cool with downsizing his daughter’s hobby space, he would have said that in his first post. Now he’s just trying to make himself seem more sympathetic and like he was reasonable all along.

“However they want both of the rooms,” he wrote. “My wife and I already had an argument about emptying only one room and she won’t agree. If we empty both rooms there is absolutely no other space to put all that stuff.”

So to recap: this man thinks it’s more important for his daughter to have a bedroom, a library, and a painting room than for his son and grandson to have a roof over their heads.

“The favoritism is insane lol,” one person wrote. “Obviously YTA. How did you type this and not say, ‘Oh I see it now.'”

Plain and simple. As one commenter concisely said, OP needs to find a way to (concisely!) organize his daughter’s hobbies so they aren’t taking up two extra bedrooms worth of space. And honestly, why should she even have one extra room? Why should she have more rooms than her parents? And why should her brother and nephew have to share a bedroom — which they’ve already admitted are small?

“Your daughter doesn’t need more than one room,” one Redditor said. “Your son needs help and you’re putting spoiling your daughter before assisting your son. Most kids only have one room, your daughter will be fine. Your daughter doesn’t NEED her hobby sh*t in separate rooms. Get a Kindle and find a small easel.”

Book collectors were aghast by the Kindle suggestion, but if she “needs” the hard copies (psst! This would be such a good opportunity to take this spoiled child down a peg and encourage her to donate them), she can put them under the bed or find fun ways to display them. If she’s an artist, this can be a way to showcase her creativity that doesn’t involve taking up a whole space for painting.

One Redditor didn’t think this situation was “playing favorites” because this girl is the only child who typically lives in the house, so “why not let her have those spaces?”

“I collect books, and I do mixed media crafts,” they said. “If I tried to put all those things in my room, I’d have nowhere to sleep.”

And so the question becomes, Redditor, which would you then prioritize? Your mixed media crafts or your sleep? If it’s the latter (which we imagine it would be), then why shouldn’t this family prioritize the son and grandson’s ability to sleep over this Da Vinci-like daughter?

“This daughter sounds like the female Dudley [Dursley from Harry Potter],” one commenter wrote. “Remember his two rooms? Maybe OP has a staircase cupboard available?”

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