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Serena Williams Is Twinning With Her ‘Bestie’ Daughter Olympia

Whoever said parents shouldn’t be friends with their kids must have never actually hung out with their child. Because if they did, they would know how ridiculous that advice is. Of course we are going to be buddies with our kids — they are just so much fun! Especially if your mini-me shares a common interest with you, like Serena Williams and her daughter Olympia, 5. The Olympic tennis player shared a new photo with her little girl on Instagram today, proving that it’s OK to be your child’s friend.

“Me n’ my bestie,” The Adventures of Qai Qai author wrote in her caption. The duo looks ready to hit the slopes skiing or snowboarding, as they are all bundled up in warm jackets and ski pants. Olympia has a pink hat over her hair and Williams is sporting big ski goggles as they cuddle next to each other for the snap. It’s too cute to miss!

“Ayyayyy.. Very sweet picture!❤️❤️👏👏” someone wrote.

Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, commented, “😍.”

He also shared his own post with Olympia today, detailing a sweet tradition the father and daughter have together.

“I ask @olympiaohanian to bring a BIG question to the dinner table every night; I promise I’ll always answer it if I know, or (as is often the case) we’ll look it up together,” he wrote on Instagram, alongside a picture of Alexis leaning in to listen to something his little girl is telling him.

He went on, “This night, she asked ‘who was the first artist?’ so we got to look up cave paintings together as I tried to explain we have no idea exactly who, but do know tens of thousands of years ago some little girl like her was making art on the walls of caves she lived in.”

What a cool tradition to have with your kids! Others thought so too, with one person commenting, “Great idea to engage with her that way…I’m sure her curiosity and dreams will just keep growing with your enthusiasm and encouragement.”

“Creating a Critical Thinker is a Wonderful Flex!!! Go Papa!!!!!” another said.

Olympia was blessed with two involved and caring parents, who also happen to be her friend, too. Their relationship with their daughter is truly an inspiration.

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