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Olivia Munn’s Sweet Selfie With Baby Malcolm Reminds Us We’re All Just Doing Our Best

Parenting is full of wild choices. Sometimes, you have to give your screaming toddler your phone for a few minutes of peace — or do something else equally eyebrow-raising to save your sanity. Olivia Munn just gave an update on how she’s been keeping her baby Malcolm happy this week, and it’s (literally!) so sweet.

“I’ve let him have pie pretty much every day this week,” the Hit-Monkey actress wrote on Instagram. “I don’t know if that’s good or not.”

First of all, if that’s what it takes to survive this week, then yes — pie every day is good! And if her selfie is any indication, Malcolm is totally happy. The little boy, whom Munn shares with partner John Mulaney, has a big, open-mouthed smile covered in whipped cream. He’s gripping a spoon in one hand, and his other is reaching into a big bowl of pie. There’s whipped cream all over his sweater and Munn’s sweater, as she just gives the camera a look. It’s giving, I’m exhausting and this is how we’re surviving look, and it’s so relatable.

Other moms chimed in to offer their opinions. Hilary Duff commented, “It’s guuuuud.” Paris Hilton wrote, “Cutie 🥰.”

JoAnna Garcia Swisher wrote, “I’m giving him whatever he wants if he comes to my house!!!!”

One person said, “Hit the brakes on a full tub of Cool Whip 😜…” Munn responded, “Okay I’m pretty close to that so good warning.”

Someone else wrote, “🥧 > 📱 You do what you must, mama. You’re killing it!!!” Munn responded, “I agree on the 🥧 > 📱.”

Earlier this month, Munn shared that her and Mulaney have implemented a no screen time rule for Malcolm. “This is the first time Malcolm ever said no and even he couldn’t take himself seriously. 😆” she captioned an adorable video.

“He wanted the phone but we made a new rule: no more phones or tablets unless it’s a code red emergency like a long travel day. 📱🙅🏻‍♀️.”

We’re all doing the best we can, whether you give your little ones too much screen time or too much pie. It’ll all be OK in the end!

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