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Priyanka Chopra’s Daughter Can’t Help But Stare At Her Stunning Mom & Honestly, Same

Every time we see Priyanka Chopra, we turn into the heart eyes emoji. And rightfully so. The effortlessly stunning actor is always turning heads with her Barbiecore and princess-like looks, and we will never get over her shiny, voluminous locks (which she said are thanks to a shockingly cheap hair mask — again, effortless!).

So it’s no wonder her daughter Malti Marie felt the same way. In a recent Instagram post, the 1-year-old is transfixed, staring at her mom who is wearing a fluffy white robe and making a kissy face while she gets her makeup done.

“Glam with mama. #MM” Chopra captioned the post which was set to the song “Glamorous” by Fergie.

Malti — who Chopra shares with husband Nick Jonas — recently made her public debut, after more than a year of having her face covered (usually by a heart emoji) in photos. People cannot get over the face of this sweet little girl who looks just like her dad and who looks so lovingly at her mama.

“Omg those faces. ❤️❤️” commented Head of Amazon Studios Jennifer Salke (Daisy Jones & the Six, anyone?!).

“Wholesomeeeee ❤️❤️❤️” wrote radio presenter Anushka Arora.

Chopra and Jonas have done their best to keep Malti out of the limelight, feeling fiercely protective of their daughter who they welcomed via surrogate in Jan 2022 and who spent more than 100 days in the NICU.

“I’ve developed a tough hide when people talk about me,” Chopra told British Vogue. “But it’s so painful when they talk about my daughter. I’m like, ‘Keep her out of it.’ I know what it felt like to hold her little hands when they were trying to find her veins. So no, she’s not going to be gossip. I’ve been really protective of this chapter of my life with my daughter. Because it’s not about my life only. It’s hers too.”

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