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Meghan Trainor Claps Back at People Who Say Babies Would ‘End’ Her Career

Meghan Trainor does not care what you have to say about her career or her family. Who says she can’t be a Grammy-winning pop star, a guest judge on Australia Idol, a TikTok sensation, and raise a 2-year-old toddler while pregnant with baby number 2? Well, apparently some men have been out there making noise about the things she “should” do, and she is addressing the comments in a new video.

“I wrote this song for all the silly men in the world who have tried to tell me what kind of songs I should write, what career choices I should make, and have talked down to me like I have no idea what I’m doing 😘,” Trainor wrote over a clip of her lip synching to “Mother.”

She added in her caption, “And that having a baby would end my career🤰😘 #iamyourmother #mother #23weekspregnant.”

As a refresher, this powerful song talks down to “mansplainers.” “I am your mother (I am your mother), you listen to me (you listen to me),” the lyrics says. “Stop all that mansplainin’, no one’s listening
Tell me who gave you the permission to speak?” It’s a bop and a female empowerment anthem.

Moms were loving Trainor’s clapback, including Paris Hilton who commented, “😍” and Sofia Carson, who wrote, “THIS.”

“Being a mom makes you 100% more powerful and sexy,” someone else wrote. “These men that say these things forget why they are here and who raised them. Xoxox love you always madam! You are a rockstar.”

Lmao icon. Anthem. Just all of it ❤️,” another wrote.

“Yes! Women can be successful in their career & be committed mothers 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻,” another said.

The “Made You Look” singer is absolutely crushing it right now. From her hilarious TikToks (which often include her Spy Kids husband Daryl Sabara) to getting Kris Jenner to star in her latest music video, it’s clear that Trainor is glowing in motherhood and popstarhood right now — and she has no plans to slow down for either.

She told SheKnows earlier this month, “The first thing I said when I saw Riley in the NICU wrapped up in all the tubes and wires, I was like, ‘Beautiful! We need three more. Yeah, I just want more and more and more.”

And she wants other women to know that they can have babies and follow their dreams, too.

In an interview on Spotify’s Best Advice podcast last week, The “All About The Bass” singer said, “For anyone out there who wants to have a baby, and you’re like, oh no, my career isn’t where I want it to be. A baby won’t ruin it, it’ll make it better. Babies bring luck. I promise. I promise, everything will work out.”

Trainor also opened up about how she got “all in my head” when she found out she was pregnant with baby number 2. “I was, like, but, the album is successful, and it was a hit song. How could I possibly get pregnant now? And I’m finally at a place that’s like, no dude, babies bring luck. Everyone will adjust around me. You’re OK. If you want a baby, have a baby.”

It’s 2023: time to let women soar, no matter what their life and career dreams may look like. Thanks Meghan Trainor for being our Mother, and pointing out the power that moms all have.

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