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Momsessed: Comedian Alyce Chan’s Parenting Essentials Include an App for Saving Special Moments & a Fashionable Fanny Pack

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Dear Reader, our wish for you is that you are reading this while drinking a cup of coffee just the way Alyce Chan likes it: without kids. Lovingly kidding-not-kidding. Because Chan’s website has made us realize (unfortunately) that there are only two states of being for a mom: You are either peacefully sipping hot coffee, or you’re chasing after kids while slugging it cold.


When the time for coffee has passed (although, is there ever a cutoff for parents?), the Vancouver-born, NYC-based mom transitions to one of her BYOB comedy shows. And no, that’s not Bring Your Own Beer. It’s Bring Your Own Baby, of course. The shows are for parents who need a night out but can’t always make it happen because, ya know, they have a little one to take care of and the constant parental exhaustion to battle (again, keep the caffeine coming!).

“I created BYOB because I wanted to nurture mothers,” the mom of two sons told White + Warren. “It’s kind of like my thing. Whenever I saw a new mom or a pregnant mom walking by or a mom with a toddler, I felt like I want to take care of them in some way because I knew how hard it was and how lonely it got — the parenting part — because I was so lonely and lost when I was a mom for my first child. So I wanted to create an event that used comedy while also empowering other mothers.”

Chan — who Vogue said has one of the top six funniest parenting Instagram accounts — is known for her hilarious and relatable videos that make us feel seen during a time in our lives that can be so physically and mentally isolating. Chan’s comedy and community is a much-needed reprieve and reminder that we are not alone in the beautiful mess that is motherhood.

“There are people who think mom meme accounts are constantly complaining about kids, but it’s not about that,” Chan says. “We’re not complaining; we’re making fun of the scenario. We’re finding the light in such an exhausting period of parenthood. It’s not like we don’t want it — we are living in it, but we can also find the humor in it as well.”

So just how does she find a way to smile through (or at least make it through!) all the funny-not-funny moments of motherhood? Ahead, Chan shares the parenting essentials that help her be there for her sons, herself, and the community of women who she makes laugh daily.

The podcast I’m listening to right now

I’m listening to The Mel Robbins Podcast right now. I love all her advice, from motivational insights to parenting advice. 

The books my kid is obsessed with

When my kids were very young, it used to be the classic Good Night Moon. It just rolled off the tongue so easily and it was so calming, especially around bedtime. Now, I am reading Creepy Carrots! and Creepy Crayon!. My 6-year-old loves the humor in the stories. 

What I’m currently reading myself

Untamed by Glennon Doyle.

The beauty product I never leave the house without

Lip balm and hand moisturizer.

The apps that make my life as a parent easier

I recently discovered Qeepsake, which stores all my highlights, favorite memories, special moments, and snapshots into one album daily. That way I don’t have to think about it, and I just answer questions via text and ultimately, all my collected thoughts are in an album.

The music we listen to as a family

As a family, we will listen to yacht rock, ’80s, or jazz during dinner time.

The TV shows and movies I actually enjoy watching with my kid

Recently we watched Dance Monsters. We also love watching Is it Cake? on Netflix.

The parenting accounts I follow

Scary Mommy and Tiny Beans for fun and humor. For parenting tips, I love Peace And Parenting by Michelle Kenney.

The skincare products my kid loves

We love any clean and eco-friendly bath bombs for my kids’ bath time. Also love The Honest Company products for body and hair. 

The product my kid can’t live without

They sleep with their Hugimal dolls.

The lesser-known baby brands I swear by

Rockin’ Blinks. They have the softest pajamas for children 8 and younger and also really cute sleep sacks, and it was founded by sleep expert Lola Sánchez Liste.

The clothing brand that helps me ‘mom in style’

I love my Lo & Sons weekender bag that I use for quick day trips and my laptop tote bag that fits my kid’s water bottles but also my own personal items. I also love carrying a fanny pack by Bfreshgear.

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