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Fashionista Sterling Mahomes Is Making Her Directorial Debut & We’re So Here for It

We must sound like a broken record at this point, but we guarantee that style icon Sterling Mahomes will be all over StyleCaster when she grows up. The bona fide fashionista is known for her trendy, personalized, high-end looks — especially during football season! Now it seems like she might be expanding her repertoire, transitioning from fashion to “film,” and we are so here for it.

Mom Brittany Mahomes shared a picture on her Instagram story on Monday of Sterling sitting in a director’s chair. The toddler wore a lavender Adidas set with white ruffly socks, sneakers, and a precious bow holding back her curls. She is spread out on the chair, with her hands holding each arm, wearing an expression that lets everybody know she clearly means business.

“Just producing her daddy’s commercial, don’t mind her,” Brittany wrote on the photo with a laughing emoji.

Let the record show that we will be tuning in for anything this 2-year-old produces or directs — whether it be on the silver screen or beyond. Brittany didn’t elaborate on what Patrick Mahomes’ commercial is, but we hope it is for Hunt’s, since Sterling shares her father’s love for ketchup and must know how to really sell the condiment.

Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram

The last time Sterling was in a director’s chair was during the family’s post-Super Bowl trip to Disneyland. The little princess “got her makeup done” (read: a clean makeup brush was lightly swiped across her face) and was the picture of pure relaxation.

Brittany went on to share another story on Sunday, but this time she wasn’t on the set of a commercial. In this video, she was simply a regular mom in an overflowing laundry room, and boy can we relate. Our heart goes out to her — and our heart rate goes up just looking at the understandable mess.

Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram

She then pans over to her son Bronze. The sweet 4-month-old is propped up on a pillow, getting in some tummy time while he cheers on his mom. And now we’ll join the wide-eyed babe: You can do it, Brittany! We believe in you. And guess what! Once all that laundry is finally done, you can hopefully fold the clothes while watching your husband’s perfectly-produced commercial. Fingers crossed!

Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram

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