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Chrissy Teigen Can’t Stop Kissing Her Babies in New Photos & All Moms Can Relate

What is it about baby-soft skin that is so irresistible? Their squishy cheeks, milky breath, and lavender-scented hair straight from the bath is just so kissable. Chrissy Teigen thinks so too, and her latest post is all too relatable for moms.

“Love 💕,” the Cravings author wrote on Instagram last night. And the definition of love can be found in the pictures of her three kids, which she shares with husband John Legend.

In the first one, Teigen sits on the couch, nursing pillow across her lap and dogs by her side. She’s giving her 2-month-old daughter Esti big kisses on the chin, as the baby looks up at something out of frame. Esti is looking cozy in a pajamas and a pink sleep sack, totally oblivious as her mama peppers her with love.

4-year-old Miles joins in on the love in photo number two, as he kisses his mama’s cheek. Even when they aren’t babies anymore, kissing your kids is always a treasured experience!

Teigen also shared a video of her 6-year-old daughter Luna making music from glass bowls in a gorgeous white ruffled dress.

“Sweetness all around ❤️❤️❤️,” one person commented. Someone else said, “All your kids are amazing. Beautiful family 😍.”

Another wrote, “I love when my my boy comes to kiss me just because. No reason other than he wants to. This is a great pic!” Couldn’t agree more.

Earlier this month, Teigen shared a sweet video of her daughter’s “first kiss”. In it, Teigen and Legend both kiss Esti on the cheeks at the same time, creating a little baby sandwich. She reacts looking totally confused, and it’s so cute.

Studies have shown that babies who were shown love and affection by their mothers had long-lasting positive effects on their mental health into adulthood. So keep kissing and snuggling your babies, mama — they need it as much as we do!

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