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Kate Hudson’s Daughter Rani Helps Kurt Russell Celebrate His Birthday in the Sweetest Way

It’s Kurt Russell’s birthday today (on St. Patrick’s Day!), but his granddaughter Rani Rose is getting all the luck! Kate Hudson posted a new video to celebrate her stepdad’s 72nd birthday today, and we are going googly-eyed over their sweet exchange.

“Always a double fun day in our family!” the Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery star wrote on Instagram. “St Patrick’s day and Pa’s birthday! Love this man so much!”

Kate added, “How about some birthday love for Kurt! 🍀🎉🎂 Happy Birthday Pa! 💚”

In the video, Russell is seated at a restaurant as someone gives him a decadent slice of chocolate cake with a candle. Kate’s brother Oliver Hudson brings 4-year-old Rani to stand next to her Pa as everyone sings to him. Russell leans over to Rani and tells her he’s “thinking” about his wish. When he’s ready, he looks over at Rani and whispers, “OK, ready? Blow out!” She leans forward to blow out his candle as everyone cheers, and she looks so proud of herself as Russell praises her: “that was very good!”

Is it just us, or is it getting a little emotional in here? This moment is so cute, and shows how close Russel and Rani’s bond is.

Many people praised the sweet grandpa, including Leslie Mann who wrote, “❤️.” Tish Cyrus commented, “Soooo sweet ❤️.”

“Never met him but there are just some people you can tell have such a happiness to them. Hope he has a beautiful birthday with you all!” another person wrote.

Someone else wrote, “Oh well that is just insanely cute.”

Russell is the longtime partner of Kate and Oliver’s mom, Goldie Hawn. Kate has always thought of him as her dad. In a cute throwback photo on Father’s Day 2022, the Almost Famous star wrote, “Fun, adventurous, passionate, determined, honest, devoted, amazing father and the best head of hair in Los Angeles! Lucky us! Love you Pa! Happy Fathers Day.”

He responded in the most adorable way (via Hawn’s Instagram account). “Birdie, mommy just showed me this picture, this is perfect Father’s Day present,” he said. “I’ve never seen it before.’s a killer. Lotta water under the bridge…it’s kinda hard to see it though cause all the water seems to somehow have found its way into my eyes…thanks for making me the luckiest father in the world sweetheart. I love you, Pa.” Aww, what a softie!

Both Russell and Hawn seem to have a soft spot for little Rani, even dressing up as a king and queen at Rani’s Cinderella-themed birthday party in Oct. 2022. Coolest grandparents, ever!

In an interview with Variety earlier this month, Hawn revealed that she is teaching Rani and her other grandkids valuable lessons. “You’ve got to work for a living, stay compassionate and stay realistic,” she said. “And I’m passing that on because that was what my father taught me: Stay in reality. Don’t get taken away with everything. The rest of it is up to them.”

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