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Disney Easter Basket Stuffers Fans Will Go Crazy For

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a little Disney fan who wanted nothing more than an Easter basket filled with their favorite characters. That’s why we’ve scoped out the best Disney-inspired toys, crafts, fidget toys, and more that will make your little aficionado’s dreams come true. And you don’t need to wish on a shooting star to make this happen. All you need is $20 or less.

Wiliams Sonoma

Pancake Mold

Start Easter morning off right (and many mornings after that) with these Mickey-inspired pancake molds. What kid could resist a breakfast classic shaped like their favorite character? Just pour the batter into the mold, and voilà! They’re so fun, you might even be able to sneak some fruit in there without a protest from picky eaters!

Mickey Mouse Silicone Pancake Molds $19.95


Easter Book

Your little learner will get a dozen books for the price of one in this Easter-themed Disney book. And if they are begging for “just one more story” after their bedtime has passed, you can feel good knowing each tale clocks in at just five minutes.

5-Minute Easter Stories $9.90


Stretchy Bracelets

Stretchy bands better make a comeback. And if they’re not making it back on their own, it’s the responsibility of parents who wore them religiously growing up to pass on the tradition. I said what I said. This Disney pack includes 12 bracelets in a variety of colors and shapes to get your child’s collection started.

Disney 100 Stretchy Bands Bracelets $3.99


Squishy Characters

Pretty much anything squishy is a hit with kids, so these Disney Doorables Squish’Alots are sure to be a smashing (or smooshing or squishing) success. Best of all, the four, five, or six mystery characters can be gifted in one basket or spread among a few.

Disney Doorables Squish’Alots Series 1 $6.99


Squishy Friend

If you missed the Squishmallows memo, they are a major fan favorite. This 10″ Mickey won’t take up too much space in the playroom or in your kid’s bed, but it’s just as fun to hug and squish (are you noticing a trend?).

Squishmallows Disney 10″ Mickey Stuffed Animal Plush Toy $12.98


Popping Toy

Your kiddo can fidget to their heart’s content with this pack of three Pop Its. Of course, you have the classic Mickey and Minnie, but we love that Stitch also makes an appearance. He can teach your child that ohana means family and Pop Its mean fun.

Disney Pop It! 3 Pack $14.75


Coloring Books

Mess-free coloring! Need we say more? The magic ink pen will impress your kid without marking most other surfaces.

Disney Pixar Magic Ink Coloring Book Super Set $16.95


Tonies Tunes

If you don’t already know about Tonies, it is a radio-like storyteller for kids. Simply place one of the Tonies characters on top, and the gadget will read the story or play songs that go along with that piece. With this little castle, the Tonies will play Disney lullabies like “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Make” and other classic tunes.

Tonies Disney Baby Lullabies $17.99


Once you have a Tonies (sold separately), you can start adding to your child’s storytime collection with their favorite Disney characters. The Elsa toy plays a 10-minute-long Frozen story and four songs. And now we have to know, do you want to hear a story?

Tonies Elsa $17.99

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