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Last Minute Easter Basket Stuffers from Amazon That Kids Won’t Be Able to Resist — & Are Under $20

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Somehow Easter is less than a month away, and we can’t figure out how that happened. After all, yesterday was Jan. 1, and it is still snowing in some parts of the country. While we try to figure out this time warp and keep our fingers crossed for a sunny celebration, we find ourselves deep in the thick of shopping for basket stuffers. There are so many (read: too many) toys and treats out there for kids, so instead of honing our egg-hunting skills, we’ve been searching for the best screen-free stuffers that go beyond the candy aisle. Best of all: They’re all under $20!


Stickers Galore

This sticker set includes more than 700 Easter-themed stickers, temporary tattoos, and stamps that you can divvy up among a lot of baskets. Who doesn’t love a one-and-done purchase?

JOYIN Easter Crafts Assortment Kit $19.99


Craft Kit

This bunny-making kit is sew simple and so fun. With a few quick stitches, little crafters will have their own handmade stuffy that comes with a variety of clothes and a little travel bag. One reviewer on Amazon said the is adorable and easy to make. “And as a mother, I love seeing my kiddos use their imaginations and creativity,” she said. “This product was an absolute win!”

Craft-tastic Make a Bunny Friend $19.99


Surprise Game

We are jumping for joy after finding this adorable and interactive “board” game, Jumping Jack. Think of it as a multi-player version of Jack-in-the-Box with an Easter twist. Players spin the dial to see how many carrots they must harvest from Jack’s hill. One of the veggies will make him jump, and then it’s time to act fast. Whoever catches Jack, wins!

Jumping Jack Game $16.88


Buildable Bird

Plus Plus pieces are the perfect tool for making beautiful 3D creations. Your little engineer can use this chick-inspired set to build a young hatchling, or they can let their creativity lead the way and design their own masterpiece. Not so into making a bird that looks ready to take flight? Plus Plus pieces can also be used for 2D arrangements.

Plus Plus Chick $7.99


Gnome Putty

Once the egg hunt is over, your kiddos can keep utilizing their searching skills with this Gnome Home Thinking Putty. The squishy and textured putty is filled with tiny mushrooms. Hidden among the fungi are five little gnomes. Pull and stretch the putty to find the little guys, and then smoosh it back up to play again and again.

Crazy Aaron’s Hide Inside! Gnome Home Thinking Putty $14.95


Bee Putty

If your youngin’ isn’t quite so skilled at seeking yet, the Honey Hive Thinking Putty is an easier hidden treasures putty. Your little one can search for one of the many bumble bees that are buzzing around the honeycombs.

Crazy Aaron’s Honey Hive Thinking Putty $14.95


Beatrix Bunny

You can’t get much more classic than this mini Peter Rabbit from the beloved Beatrix Potter books. The knit design is timeless, and we can easily see this plushie going from a simple stuffie to a cherished heirloom passed down from one sibling to the next.

GUND Peter Rabbit Knit Plush $18


We honestly cannot get over the iPlay, iLearn Wrist Pals. The line is based off the companies’ bouncy pals and is the stuffed animal/slap bracelet hybrid we didn’t know we needed. Each pack comes with two different animals (like the precious unicorn and friendly bull above), and your kid can place them down flat, wear them on their wrist, or wrap them around a stroller or bike.

iPlay, iLearn Bouncy Pals 2PCS Slaps Bracelets Stuffed Animals $19.99


Scented Writing Utensils

The new line of Smencils (aka good-smelling pencils) features irresistible Spring-themed scents including cotton candy and sour apple that will make your little one excited to doodle and do their homework. Plus, the pencils are made from 100% recycled newspapers, so you’re making the Earth as happy as your young writers.

Spring Smencils Scented Pencils $8.99


Festive teether

Since your baby can’t enjoy the Peeps, give them this bunny teether to chew on. The ring-like shape is easy to grab, and the different textures are sure to soothe their gums so they can relax while the older kids run around searching for eggs.

Loulou Lollipop Wild Silicone Baby Teether $10

Baby Food Bunny Paci

Again, if your babe is not quite ready for sweets, they can enjoy their solids or frozen breastmilk from this bunny pacifier that you can fill with baby food. More than 6,000 Amazon reviewers gave this genius little gadget 5 stars, and we are adding it to our cart ASAP.

Haakaa Baby Fruit Food Feeder Pacifier $18.60


Harvest Game

Your little learner can practice their fine motor skills with this carrot harvest game that encourages them to pick out the wooden characters and then place then put them back in their right hole once their gardening is complete.

Skyfield Carrot Harvest Game Wooden Toy  $25.99


Fun Toothbrush

We know this is a wild card as far as stuffers go, but hear us out. The Brushies finger puppet-like toothbrushes are known for making dental hygiene more fun, and you know your kiddo will need to get those pearly whites squeaky clean after all the candy. Simply slide one of the characters (who you’ll learn more about in the accompanying board book!) on your or your kiddo’s finger, and start brushing their tiny teeth.

The Brushies Chomps & Willa Baby & Toddler Toothbrush 2-Pack & Storybook Set $11.95

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