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Sterling Mahomes Dressed Herself & Is Having None of Mom Brittany Mahomes’ Feedback

There’s no question Sterling Mahomes is the most fashionable toddler we know. I mean, did you see that adorable velvet onesie she wore to her birthday party? Or the stuffed animal pacifier she rocked at the Super Bowl? She is a mini style icon, but at just 2 years old, we have to face the soul-crushing music: her mom Brittany Mahomes is probably the brains behind the looks.

*Sighs in defeat*

Well on Wednesday, Sterling took the reins and dressed herself, much to our delight. Brittany shared the enviable outfit (ok, maybe not enviable, but it was a good try!) on her Instagram story.

“Did you pick out your outfit today?” Brittany asked her daughter, who she shares with NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

“No, no, no,” Sterling said, not in answer to the question, but as a response to her mom’s paparazzi-like antics.

“Oh, I can’t video you?” Brittany asked as her toddler impatiently waved her away.

Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram

In the video, Sterling rocks a brown and white checkered t-shirt and shorts set. The t-shirt has a smiley face on the front and is reminiscent of the smiley overalls she wore at her birthday party (we love a closet with a through line!).

The part that Brittany seems to think is funniest (understandably so) are the precious knee-high white socks with big bows that her daughter has paired with the otherwise casual vibe. It’s an unexpected mix-and-match look, but who knows — it may be coming to the runway soon!

Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram

We got a great view of the outfit once Sterling moved to her toddler stool by the kitchen counter. She had previously been on the floor, velcro-ing on her Dolce & Gabbana sneakers. Yup, from these shoes to her Chanel purse, this tiny fashionista has designer taste.

Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram

Throughout the stories, the headstrong toddler shoos away her mom and her comments, not interested in what Brittany has to say — even if the two have had plenty of twinning moments. In Dec. 2022, the pair wore matching orange tops, black latex leggings, and red and white high-top Nike sneakers.

“Beautiful twins !!! She gets it from her mama,” one commenter wrote on the carousel.

Ridiculous as it may seem, we hope to see Brittany in a checkered set, knee-high socks, and D&G sneakers soon. Although Sterling may be just as fussy. Transitioning from “stop being a hater” to “stop stealing my style!” Fair enough, little model, fair enough.

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