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Keke Palmer Is Fully Embracing Her ‘Maternity Era’ & It’s Hilarious

Pregnancy is what you make of it. You can try to power through like normal, despite growing a whole human in your uterus, or you can embrace the amazing abilities of your body and simply enjoy it. Keke Palmer is firmly in the latter camp right now. She posted a hilarious update about her “maternity era,” and it’s so real.

“Maternity era 😆,” she wrote on Instagram today, along with several photos. She also provided helpful captions to provide a little context for each. The first one is a screenshot of one of her Tweets, which she captioned, “Grandma crazy!”

“My mom literally on the phone with me, on her way to see me, getting a new wig and some new clothes asking me if this will impress the baby or not,” the Tweet says. “HAHAHA! Girl, all this for the baby that don’t know us yet?” Grandmas really do be like that, don’t they? That is so cute!

She also shared a bumpdate, and her baby is almost fully cooked! “Steady baking, 7lbs already!” the Nope actress captioned it. She’s wearing a tank top rolled up to reveal her growing baby bump. The camera angle is taken from below, and her belly looks so round — and ready to pop!

Photo number two and four are delicious meals. “Big Breakfast, chef Keeks is back 😅,” she captioned the one featuring bacon, eggs, and waffles. The second one was a mouth-watering dinner. “I made Salisbury Steak and potatoes. Good ole midwestern dinnah 😝.” Yum.

The True Jackson, VP alum, who is expecting a baby boy with boyfriend Darius Jackson, also mentioned that her heart is full right now. “God is good. I am so grateful! My heart is so full, nothing but gratitude,” she wrote.

Palmer’s due date is coming up soon. In an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last month, she talked about how she might have a Pisces or an Aries baby. “Pisces are known to be very deep,” the comedian said. “They’re emotional creatures. So I just want to make sure I’m not too blunt for my baby boy.”

She added, “I don’t want to be too like, ‘Look, what’s up?’ Because sometimes I can be a little too ‘tell it like it is,’ you know? I need to wade in the water with a Pisces, wade in the water. Just keep it chill, child.”

Palmer will have to give birth before March 21 to have a Pisces baby. But from the looks of it, she’s in absolutely no rush.

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