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This Harry Potter Star Revealed in a Newly Resurfaced Clip That She Tried to Get Prince William to Be Her Child’s Godfather

Now, we’ve seen some pretty spectacular stars who end up being godparents to other stars like Dolly Parton with Miley Cyrus and Drew Barrymore to Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean. But can you imagine asking a royal to be your kid’s godparent? Well, that’s exactly what Harry Potter star Helena Bonham Carter did with Prince William.

Now, in case you didn’t know this: a lot of people didn’t! While the interview took place years ago, it’s going viral again because everyone’s losing their mind over the resurfaced clip.

Carter previously revealed to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen that she asked Prince William to be her daughter’s godfather. When Cohen asked her why she did it, she said, “Thing is, I’d spent all my friends as godparents on my first child, so Billy had 11 godparents. So, I thought I could make up for Nell, you know who suddenly came along and we didn’t have any left. I thought, ‘Well, if I give her Prince William that would cover,’ you know?”

“I wasn’t that drunk … He wasn’t totally sober himself. Not in a bad way, it was just very jolly,” she said, setting the scene. “He just said, ‘You don’t want me to be godfather to your child.’ And I left. I mean, obviously it didn’t work out.”

We seriously wish this ended up working out, but it turns out William is already a godfather to three kids already! William is a godfather to Prince Constantine Alexios of Greece and Denmark, Thomas Pettifer, and Grace van-Cutsem. And while it’s never been confirmed, many believe he’s also the godfather to Zara Tindall’s daughter Mia.

Carter shares two children with her ex-husband Tim Burton named Billy, born in 2003, and Nell, born in 2007.

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