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Kim Kardashian & Mariah Carey’s Daughters Stole the Show in a TikTok With Their A-List Moms

Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey may be international icons, but in a recent TikTok with their daughters, the tweens made it clear that they are in fact the main characters. North West, 9, and Monroe “Roe” Cannon, 11, don’t need their moms to become superstars in their own right. If anything, their parents are just getting in the way.

And we’ll admit that it’s comforting to know that Kardashian and Carey’s kids are embarrassed by them. A-listers — they’re just like us!

In the video that Kardashian posted to her account on Monday, the duo of famous daughters lip sync to Carey’s song, “It’s A Wrap.” The young influencers perfectly execute their synchronized dance until their moms enter the frame and pretend to sing into hairbrushes.

North West and Monroe then have no choice but to push their (apparently) not-so-cool moms off to the side.

“It’s a wrap! But never for us!” the SKIMS founder captioned her post that has nearly 200 thousand likes.

Commenters cannot get over the appearance of “THEE QUEEN MARIAH CAREY!!!!!”

“Imagine casually inviting Mariah Carey to your house,” one comment said.

“This wasn’t on my 2023 list of things but BOY AM I HAPPY IT IS,” another said.

“Didn’t expect that but then again … I did. Kim pulls power moves.”

We have to agree with the commenter who said that the surprising pair of mom friends are “the duo we never knew that we needed.” Or should we say foursome? North and Monroe came ready to play, and there’s no doubt they won.

North also posted a video with Monroe (sans moms!) on the account she shares with Kardashian. In honor of Rihanna’s birthday, the two recreated the singer’s legendary Super Bowl performance.

Monroe — who Carey is supposedly filing for full custody of from her ex-husband Nick Cannon — is dressed in a red skirt and jacket, holding a sparkly pink microphone, and lip syncing to “Work.” In the background, North West is dressed in all white, immitating one of RiRi’s backup dancers.

“We love you Rihanna,” the caption says. “Happy birthday xoxo Roe and North.”

The TikTok has 1.5 million likes (another testament that North and Monroe are the true stars), and is one of many infamous videos from the young content creator. Just last month, a TikTok tour of her epic backyard playground went viral.

Kardashian has been honest about her willingness to let North — who she shares with ex-husband Kanye West — post these inside looks at her life, so long as there are boundaries in place. Kardashian screens every video before posting it to their shared account and keeps the comments turned off. In an interview on the Goop podcast, Kardashian told host Gwyneth Paltrow that her daughter “loves to do this stuff.”

“I take it as more of a creative thing,” she said. “[It’s ok] as long as it’s age appropriate and [she and her friends] are having fun.”

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