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Kate Hudson’s Daughter Rani Is a Little Diva in New Mommy-and-Me Photos

Rani Rose is a little diva — and yes, she absolutely got it from her mama. Kate Hudson shared new mommy-and-me photos with her youngest child (and only daughter!) on Instagram today, and her face says it all.

“❤️🏙️❤️,” Hudson wrote on Instagram today, along with two photos of her and her 4-year-old walking hand-in-hand in New York City, where she has been attending New York Fashion Week. In the photos, the Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery star is dressed in all black, with a pop of color in a green beanie and round orange sunglasses. By contrast, Rani is all color — complete with a three-layer floral dress in black, red, and tan, a pink heart necklace, and a tiara on her head.

While Hudson smiles in the photos on the windy day, Rani gives the camera a look. It’s full of authority and sass, and you just know she learned it from home. It’s no-nonsense look that all moms (and now Rani!) have down pat.

The second photo catches the Almost Famous star mid-laugh, while Rani strikes a pose for the camera. One booted foot is crossed over the other as she turns and looks over her shoulder. With her chin pointed down and her big brown eyes open wide, she looks all grown up. She’s a diva-and-a-half, and it’s amazing!

“Rani giving face,” one person commented. “She rocks❤️,” another said.

“Rani Rose serving the lewk in that second shot 💗,” someone else said. “❤️ Queens 👑👑,” another user commented.

Despite her fierce looks, Rani is a little sweetheart.

On Valentine’s Day, Hudson shared another adorable photo of her and her daughter, who she shares with fiancé Danny Fujikawa. “❤️ Love is everything ❤️,” she captioned a photo, as she gave her little girl a kiss in front of two hearts.

And in Dec. 2022, Hudson shared a sweet moment that happened when she returned home from traveling. Her and Rani are wearing matching floral, and her little girl is giving her the biggest hug. “Home sweet 🏡,” the actress captioned the post.

Rani is going to be a star just like her mom, no doubt about it!

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