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Andy Cohen’s Daughter Lucy Can’t Stop Laughing in a New Video & It’s 52 Seconds of Pure Happiness

Andy Cohen has been making audiences chuckle for decades, and now he’s using that skill to entertain his daughter Lucy! The Bravo TV host recently shared a video of his daughter giggling, and it’s the cutest 52 seconds of your day.

“Fifty two seconds of Lucy laughing 😂 ❤️,” Cohen captioned a new Instagram reel. The video is pure delight, as the baby sits on the floor of her nursery cracking up laughing.

Lucy has long brown hair and big blue eyes, and when she laughs, you can see her little teethers poking out on the top and bottom. She can barely hold herself upright she’s giggling so hard — and just 3.2 seconds in, I am too. It’s infectious!  

“Is that funny? Are we making you laugh?” Cohen asks his daughter, as her laughter starts to slow down. This just prompts a new round of laughs from Lucy, and from her older brother Ben, 4, in the background.

“Lucy, we love you,” Cohen says at the end, as her laughing/screaming continues. You absolutely have to stop everything to watch it — her laughter is pure happiness.

“Best sound ever!! 😍” one person commented. Another wrote, “The absolute best sound in the world ❤️.”

“She’s your best audience‼️🥰😂” another wrote. Someone else said, “Thank you Lucy for starting my day off with a great laugh! 😍”

“Bottle that! It’s the cure for what ails us,💓” one person commented, and it’s so true. At least he was able to capture the hilarious moment on camera, because wow — we want to watch it on repeat!

The Watch What Happens Live! host previously opened up about his biggest struggle of being a dad of two.

“Just when I think I’ve had a lot of really quality time with Ben, I have to go to Lucy and sit with her and I just want to look in her face and I want her to see me and hear my voice and know that I’m here,” he told PEOPLE in Nov. 2022. “It’s just about juggling time management with the two of them.”

Now that Lucy’s older, though, it seems to be getting easier. Ben and Lucy can play (and laugh!) together, and it opens up a whole new level of parenting bliss, evidenced by Cohen’s super sweet new video.

These Hollywood parents are an absolute hoot.

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