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Tom Brady Adopted 2 Adorable Rescue Kittens for His Daughter: ‘Vivi Wins Again’

Tom Brady has transitioned from football to felines, and his daughter Vivian, 10, is reaping the benefits. The recently retired quarterback (IKYMI: He retired for a second time.) has been volunteering at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay with his daugther who he shares with ex-wife Gisele Bündchen.

Regan Blessinger, marketing and content manager from the Humane Society, told PEOPLE that Vivian was “drawn to the Siamese mix kittens.”

“So it wasn’t surprising that Tom reached out to adopt,” Blessinger said. “They are the perfect family for these two adorable kittens!”

Brady shared a video on his Instagram story on Wednesday that showed the kittens playing with the caption “Vivi wins again.” He went on to assure the Humane Society that the precious little fur balls are “in good loving hands.” He then thanked his former Bucaneers teammate Logan Ryan and Ryan’s wife, Ashley Bragg Ryan, who had introduced Brady to the nonprofit.

“This is what my mornings are like now,” he lovingly joked.

Ashley shared a post in early February that showed Brady, Vivian, and Ryan’s family holding puppies and kittens at the Humane Society. She captioned the photo taken in August with “[her] Tom Brady story,” saying that hers was not about his seven Super Bowl wins.

“It’s the [story] about the dad who volunteered at the animal shelter with his kids throughout an entire football season,” she wrote. “The one where he bonded with his kids over naming puppies and bottle feeding kittens. The one where he silently showed up every other week to make a difference for his family and his community.”

“[This] wasn’t about publicity, fundraising or recognition,” she continued. “It was about being a human being. It was about Tom taking the very thing his little girl loves the most and turning it into an opportunity to spend time together.”

Commenters loved the special story, and the Humane Society of Tampa Bay said they are “very thankful” that the Brady family has been volunteering with them “for months.”

“From socializing our kittens to walking dogs, he is obviously a great dad and a true animal lover,” Blessinger said. “When they came to volunteer, it was evident that Vivian and the whole Brady family enjoyed their time with the under-aged kittens still needing to be bottle-fed.”

Brady also has two sons, Benjamin Rein, 13 who he shares with Bündchen, and Jack, 15, who he shares with ex Bridget Moynahan. In addition to the kittens, Benjamin and Vivian have five dogs. And who knows — if the family continues to volunteer with the Humane Society, their furry family may continue to grow.

These celeb families wouldn’t be complete without their furry friends.

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