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Chrissy Teigen Shares Heart-Stopping Family Photos Featuring a Relatable Moment from Baby Esti

Just when you think you got the perfect family photo — everybody’s looking, the kids are actually attempting smiles — something goes wrong. In Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s case, their newborn daughter Esti made quite the impression in their recent Valentine’s Day photo shoot, and it’s a lesson in embracing the chaos!

Baby Esti is dressed up for V-day in the photo posted to Instagram yesterday, including gold slippers with little hearts on her feet. But instead of smiling or sleeping (or even calmly frowning) as Teigen cradles her, Esti is screaming, with white spit up dripping down her chin. A classic baby move.

The rest of the fam seems to be taking it in stride. Legend was all smiles in a black-and-white striped shirt with a red sweater over the top, standing next to Teigen. Their daughter Luna, 6, looked adorable in a red lace dress with white heart buttons, complete with matching red sparkly shoes that would make Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz proud. She also had a pink heart crown on her head that coordinated with Teigen’s pink ruched dress with a flower neckline. Miles matched his big sister in a red jacket over a white shirt and khaki pants.

“Excuse the spit up!! we are doing the best we can over here lol,” Teigen captioned the post, and it’s all too relatable for moms. Family photos are hard, and this one is relatively perfect! (I mean, c’mon — Teigen is even wearing heels!) One day, she’ll look back and laugh at the moment.

Other photos in the carousel are just as sweet. One shows Luna embracing her big sister role while holding little Esti, as the baby gazes into her big sister’s eyes (no sign of spit up or crying anywhere!). In another photo, Luna dons a fuzzy pink-and-red heart sweater as her mama gives her a big kiss. Later, Luna holds her baby sister for a photo with Legend, and it’s absolutely priceless!

The last photo in the slide is a heartwarming moment between Miles and Esti. Teigen is cuddling both of her babies, and Miles lays one hand on his baby sister’s arm as she snoozes away.

“That’s a framer,” one person commented. “Spoken like a real mom! Your family is beautiful, spit up and all! 😍” someone else wrote.

“The best Valentines,” Legend commented on his wife’s post. He also shared the family photo to his account, writing, “I had the best Valentine’s dates last night. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” So sweet!

Whether Teigen is dressing up with her family or keeping it low-key at home, her posts about motherhood are always so real.

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