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Drew Barrymore Reveals the Way She Empowers Her Daughters — & Their Adorable Nicknames

If you’ve ever struggled with how to empower your kids, let Drew Barrymore be your guide. She has the simplest, yet sweetest way to lift up her daughters Frankie, 8, and Olive, 10, and we love it!

In an interview with the PEOPLE Every Day podcast, Barrymore shared her go-to phrase — and her adorable nicknames for her daughters.

“My daughter Olive, her nickname is Bear and I say, ‘Get that salmon bear. You get that salmon,’” The Drew Barrymore Show host said. “And [Frankie is] Mousey. And I go, ‘You get that cheese mouse, you get that cheese.’ I’m so encouraging and empowering to them, but we don’t buy into what’s not real.”

Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard? I love those cute pet names and the short and simple motivations. It’s absolutely adorable.

Savannah Guthrie, who is mom to Charles “Charley” Max, 6, and Vale, 8, joined Barrymore for the interview. The two, who are executive producers on the new animated Netflix series Princess Power, also shared how they encourage their kids to “go for” their dreams.

They also talked about their new show, which premiered yesterday. “Sometimes when we talk about like how we’ve been given this gift and opportunity to make a show for parents out there and young kids, I’m glad to know that that is the intention behind this show, total humility and, ‘you can do this,’” Barrymore said.

Empowering her kids is important to Barrymore, who admitted that she sometimes gets “overwhelmed” when parenting.

In an interview with Chicks in the Office podcast earlier this month, admitted that she “did not have the blueprint” in parenting. “I felt like a failure a lot. I felt really overwhelmed and like, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m gonna have to learn on the job,” she said.

In the same conversation, she asked, “Where are the parents out there who are admitting that this is humorous, embarrassing, humbling, wild?” Barrymore went on, “I think that ‘you should know what do’ is something that makes me feel just terrible about myself. The ‘I want to figure it out’ I’m in — it’s empowering. I want to admit that I’m flawed, or I don’t know things, or I’m a work in progress.”

Her openness is refreshing, and we love how real she is with us. Being a mom is hard work, but we love how encouraging Barrymore — and Guthrie! — are. You can do it too, mama!

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