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Brittany Mahomes’ Daughter Sterling ‘Exercises’ With Her Daddy With the Cutest Mini Weights

Working out with a buddy is always more fun, and Patrick Mahomes has the cutest little training partner — his daughter, Sterling Mahomes! Brittany Mahomes shared photos of the toddler, who turns 2 next month, hitting the gym to “exercise” with her daddy, and it’ll make your heart melt.  

“If it’s one thing she loves to do, it’s watch her daddy 🥹🤍 @patrickmahomes,” the Kansas City Current co-owner wrote on her Instagram story yesterday. Sterling is dressed in a matching pink sweatshirt and sweatpants outfit and white tennis shoes with her blonde hair tied up with a white bow. As her dad works out in the background, Sterling holds two mini pink weights and watches nearby.

Sterling Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes
Brittany Mahomes/Instagram Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

Brittany also shared a close-up photo of her daughter, who stands on the turf of the practice gym, holding the cutest little weights and gazing off into the distance. Honestly, we would probably freeze up too if we had to work out in front of the Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback!

Sterling Mahomes
Brittany Mahomes/Instagram Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

Having two active parents no doubt influences Sterling. In one video from Nov. 2022, Brittany shared a video of Sterling on a family walk and at the gym with her mom. “Will always cherish all of these special moments with Ster!” she wrote. “My sidekick and favorite workout partner! ❤️”

Although, Sterling is definitely a daddy’s girl, showing up to his games in red-and-yellow to cheer him on along with her newborn brother Bronze. She also seems pretty headstrong, as Brittany recently shared a funny story of her running around the house naked to find her new LEGOs when she was supposed to be in the bath. Toddlers are going to do what toddlers want to do, and sometimes you just have to embrace it!

One day, Sterling will be able to lift real weights with her dad, but in the meantime, she can just enjoy watching him while looking cute. It’s a tough job, but Sterling’s a pro!

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