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Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Borrowed This Vintage Item From Her Dad & Fans Are Joking ‘The Diss Track Is Coming’

If Eminem (né Marshall Mathers) was wondering where his vintage Detroit Pistons varsity jacket went, he finally has an answer thanks to daughter Hailie Jade Mather’s latest TikTok video.

Filming herself getting ready for a Pistons game with her boyfriend, Hailie talks to her followers while applying her makeup and teasing her outfit of the evening — a varsity jacket and red sneakers — promising to show it in more detail. She shares, “Random fun fact, my family used to go to Pistons games a lot when we were younger but we haven’t really gone in a while, and I personally just haven’t gone, so I’m kind of excited to go.”


Get ready with me to go to a basketball game 🏀 @PUMA #pumapartner

♬ original sound – Hailie Jade

Hailie continues her family anecdote, saying, “I showed that varsity jacket and I actually stole it from my dad a few years ago; I’m assuming it’s from when we used to go to games when I was younger, but I’ve never really had a chance to wear it so I’m excited to wear that too.”

The video transitions to the 26-year-old showing her “final look,” which includes her “Mockingbird” rapping dad’s vintage jacket, a white tee tucked into black half-denim, half-leather pants (“business in the front, party in the back,” she describes them), and a red pair of Puma sneakers.

Fans ate up the casual reference to Eminem in the comments, with one user writing, “‘Stole it from my dad’ the way it’s Eminem is so wild to me lol.” Others tried (and failed) to identify with her boyfriend, commenting, “how does her man act when her dad is Eminem 😭😭😭😭” and “Imagine your girlfriends dad is Eminem 😅😏.” Others joked about her stealing the rapper’s threads, writing, “Diss track for the jacket thief coming soon 😂” and “Your dad realizing where his jacket went 👁️👄👁️.”

The iconic rapper’s famous kid has made a name for herself beyond being mentioned in several of his songs when she was a child — she’s now an influencer and hosts the Just a Little Shady podcast. She shares her dad with her adopted sister, Alaina, 29, and half-sister Stevie, 20.

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