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Jamie Chung Talks Keeping Your Kids Safe This Holiday Season & the Super-Sweet Family Traditions She Adores

Now that the holidays are right around the corner, Jamie Chung is on a mission to make the holidays full of merriment, cheer, and safety precautions. While parents plan out every detail of the holiday, sometimes things slip through the cracks — like making sure your batteries are babyproofed.

Ever since Chung became a mom, she’s been all about keeping her little ones safe and secure, a big passion of hers that she plans to spread awareness of this holiday season. To spread the word, she’s partnered with Duracell to talk about the little things parents should think about when shopping this season. For one thing, she’s talking about how people should switch batteries.

Diane Bondareff for Duracell.

As soon as I hopped on the Zoom call, I could feel the warm, maternal instincts radiating off of her. She has a kind spirit that you wouldn’t expect from someone who’s done so many things, all within the spotlight, but it was as though you were hopping on a call with a friend from your past.

She started talking about one of her biggest passions, clearly so excited to spread awareness as she smiled from ear to ear. “I think it’s important to keep our kids safe, and we’re just spreading the word about lithium coin batteries and how to secure the packaging and how to switch over to Duracell. You have the bitter coating that discourages swallowing, and you have the childproof packaging, which is nearly impossible to open with your hands,” she said. “It’s just taking these extra precautions to avoid a disastrous situation. And, you know, bringing awareness to the fact that there are so many items around the house that we have, especially during the holidays, whether its ornaments or tea lights, you know, these are all operated by lithium coin batteries.”

Along with being a superstar mom, Chung started her entertainment career back in the early 2000s and quickly became a household name for those who couldn’t get enough of her on MTV’s The Real World: San Diego. But within no time, Hollywood found themselves just as captivated with the star, and soon she made her way to work in nearly every genre, from frightful films like Sorority Row to LOL classics like the Hangover films.

When asked about her favorite of them all, she couldn’t help but get excited to talk about her immense love for the comic book genre. “I love anything that’s a bit fantastical, you know, and I’ve had the pleasure of doing a lot of that, whether it was in Sin City or with Sucker Punch. They’re very high-octane. Like they’re, it requires a lot of energy and it’s, it’s something that I love doing and just be able to like physically move in that way and to train for it. It’s, it’s a pure joy to do, and I’m really looking forward to the next time I’m able to do one.”

Along with the high-octane, pulse-racing flicks, she has a soft spot for her animation work, especially now that her boys “recognize voices!” She couldn’t help but beam with excitement when she talked about her twins, saying, “I’m just waiting for the day to show them like Big Hero Six!”

Despite being known in The Real World as the girl who made bad choices with men, she found her Prince Charming in 2012 when she started dating actor and musician Bryan Greenberg. After proposing to her through a new song, the pair jetted off to have a Halloween-themed wedding celebration that was the definition of a fairytale. And soon after the wedding bells, they welcomed their two bundles of joy in Oct. 2021. Soon, they became parents of twins, and have been navigating everything that comes with that title.

Diane Bondareff for Duracell.

Now that the holidays are right around the corner, Chung is going into “nesting mode,” making sure her boys have the best holiday season ever — all thanks to the traditions her and Greenberg have created. “The last few years since I’ve been with Brian, you know, he’s Jewish, so we’ve blended the holidays for a couple years now, but I love going shopping for a Christmas tree. I love decorating a tree. I love the smell of it.”

This year they have an artificial tree, but she said they’re adding their own touch to it, “We have some ornaments with the kids when they’re first born, and to see them from when they’re first born to this year is so much growth.”

And she couldn’t help but gush over her favorite holiday activity: decorating the tree as a family. She paused for a moment, recounting a super-sweet tale of how her Prince Charming worked tirelessly to make her the perfect Christmas tree.

“Brian realized how important it was to me, and I didn’t think it was, but it’s a tradition that I really love. So one year, I was away filming, and I came back home, and he had decorated a tree for me, and he took all of the packages that were addressed to me and then wrapped them up under the tree, which was really hilarious,” she said. (And we’re sure there are probably a few personalized gifts under that tree since she told us that’s her favorite kind of hostess gift, saying, “That’s kind of my big thing. It’s like personalized gifts, like what can I put your face on? Okay, great. That sounds like a great gift!”)

As a parent, there’s so much to remember. There will be poop, throw-up, and all the gross-out factors and stress that can come with parenting, but Chung is all about staying calm. “Just relax and go with the flow, but also be that good parent by protecting your kids, you know? There’s also a moment when they’re discovering things, where they like to investigate things by putting them in their mouth. Allow them to make a mess and allow them to discover these like textures and colors.”

But within the hectic storm, Chung says that she’s grateful for her support system, informing new or soon-to-be-parents that the biggest tip she could give (besides keeping your kiddos safe!) is to accept the help. “Whether it’s family members who wanna come or, you know, I always felt like I can do everything myself. You need those breaks and moments of sanity for yourself,” she said.

As we said her goodbyes, she wanted to remind everyone to breathe, stay calm, and check out Duracell’s best tips for a safer season ahead of the holiday madness ahead!

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