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Serena Williams’ Daughter Olympia Just Made Tampons the Hottest New Toy

Already on the prowl for this holiday’s hottest toys? No need — Olympia Williams has made every parent’s holiday shopping easier, and it can start in your medicine cabinet.

Serena Williams shared a hilarious video on TikTok of her daughter Olympia playing with said toys in her bathroom. The 5-year-old can be seen opening up a couple of “cat toys” out of their shiny plastic containers … AKA the applicators of tampons.

“What is that?” the recently retired world champion tennis player (and children’s book author!) asked her daughter.

“It’s a cat toy for Karma,” Olympia responded nonchalantly, pushing the sanitary products out of their applicators and spreading the “cat toy” cotton part of the tampon into a butterfly shape. She continued to open of the toys before Serena gently put a stop to it, giving the camera a look anyone who has spent entirely too much money on any type of period product knows.

“Okay, no,” Williams said, “Let’s not play with too many of those” … but Olympia vowed to open only one more.


Who am I to steal her joy, it’s a Cat Toy! 🗣Don’t @ me #OlympiasWorld

♬ original sound – Serenawilliams

The 41-year-old player was characteristically cool about the whole thing, captioning the video, “Who am I to steal her joy, it’s a Cat Toy! 🗣Don’t @ me #OlympiasWorld.”

“Technically, she’s right,” joked one user, making an innuendo play. “You ’bout to have to go to the store!”

“Show her this when it happens,” another comment read.

Williams announced her retirement from professional tennis back in August, namely to focus on growing her family with husband and reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

“In the last year, Alexis and I have been trying to have another child, and we recently got some information from my doctor that put my mind at ease and made me feel that whenever we’re ready, we can add to our family,” Williams wrote in an essay for Vogue. “I definitely don’t want to be pregnant again as an athlete. I need to be two feet into tennis or two feet out.”

Well, the good news for Olympia is that if Williams gets pregnant again, that leaves more new “cat toys” up for grabs in the house!

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