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Reddit is Rallying Around a Mom Who Told Her Friend to Quit Her Job to Be a SAHM — Here’s Why

The title might sound really bad but the reasoning makes sense with this one. A mom took to Reddit’s “AITA” forum to share multiple unpleasant encounters she had with a friend which led her to snap.

The user is a SAHM and became friends with another mom, who is not. Since the very beginning, her friend has been making comments about the fact that the Reddit user stays at home.  “I don’t talk about staying home much because I know I am incredibly privileged to be able to do so,” she wrote. “But she says things all the time about it. Like when I joined the board of directors for our towns soccer club (daughter loves soccer) she made snide comments about how it must be nice to have the time to do things like that.”

The friend also repeatedly asks if she’s going to go back to work. “I usually just say ‘no.’ Always followed by some comment from her about how it must be nice, and we’re rich. After the second time I asked her to please stop. That the comments she makes about me being a SAHM make me uncomfortable, and that I do realize how fortunate I am, but please stop.”

The most recent time her friend asked if she was going back to work, she added that she wanted to know if the Reddit user is going to “contribute to your family, and society!” The user snapped in that moment.  “Well, are you going to quit your job?” she replied. “You know to actually raise your daughter and contribute to your family.”

Now, in retrospect, she feels bad that she responded that way and wonders if she should have just taken the high road. The Reddit community has zero sympathy for the friend and all of the sympathy for the OP.

“NTA… after her being rude, inconsiderate and deflecting her insecurities on you multiple times you still explained your feelings and asked her to stop like an adult. She continued and you gave her a taste of her own medicine,” one person wrote. “People love to dish it out but hate when it’s given back to them.”

Another added: “NTA. I must admit, the title had me against you from the start, but sounds like she was owed a snide comment and you said nothing worse than she did. She has no right to constantly criticize you for the decisions you made with your family. And it sounds like you would not have snapped at her if she was not constantly pushing at you to live according to her world view.”

Others reminded her that she’s only human and not to beat herself up for getting snarky.  “None of us have an infinite amount of grace and patience, and while calmly setting boundaries on issues is ideal, we often just react when we’ve finally had enough,” a user pointed out. “You had a human response to pattern of insulting behavior. She got a taste of her own medicine, and she deserved it.”

What do you think of this mom’s response?

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