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Vanessa Bryant Is Fighting for Justice for ‘Her Babies’ as She Details Life After Losing Kobe & Gianna

If you’ve noticed that Vanessa Bryant hasn’t been on social media lately, it’s because she’s fighting for justice for her late husband Kobe Bryant and her daughter Gianna Bryant.

She is currently suing the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and other emergency personnel that was at the scene of allegedly taking and circulating graphic images of the victims of the Jan. 2020 plane crash. 

On Aug 19, it was her time to give her testimony for the case, and she did not mince words, giving a powerful speech on “her babies,” Kobe and Gianna, per People. She told the court that she has to “live in fear every day of being on social media and having these photos pop up,” continuing by saying, “I want to remember my husband and my daughter the way that they were. I don’t ever want to see these photographs. I have three little girls.”

“I never had a panic attack before this,” she said. “I don’t ever want to see my babies in that way.” She added, “I’m willing to go through hell and back to get justice for my husband and my daughter.”

She also said the sheriff’s office and personnel took pictures of Gianna, “taking advantage that her daddy wasn’t there to protect her.” Vanessa added, “He was at the morgue.” She continued about Kobe and Gianna, saying she says a prayer every single night for her two loved ones.

Vanessa added that her daughter Gianna had “the kindest heart” and is still “my sunshine.” She added, “[Gianna] was competitive, funny, and thoughtful. She was a daddy’s girl.”

As for Kobe, Vanessa said, “He was this well-known and beloved icon to some people, but at home, he was just Kobe, just daddy.” Vanessa recalled how Kobe left his competitive side at work to the court, “He knew he didn’t rule the household. He was outnumbered. He was like, ‘I’m happy taking care of business on the court. You run the house.’”

She tearfully ended her testimony by saying, “[Kobe] is still my best friend.”

Vanessa continues to be the best mother in the world to her three other beautiful daughters named Natalia, 19, Bianka, 5, and Capri, 3.

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