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A Mom is Refusing to Punish Her Daughter After a Rude Comment to Grandma & Reddit is Completely Divided

Reddit is officially divided after a mom shared her experience with her daughter, her mother-in-law and a very snarky remark. The mom in question took to “AITA” forum to break down the situation, starting out by explaining that her mother-in-law has a husband who the family dislikes.

“He works in an immoral industry and admits he will do anything for money,” she explained. “He is very pompous/competitive and likes to take digs about everyone’s financial situations. He was a lazy parent to his own children and a cold and jealous stepfather to his stepchildren. Really MIL is the only person who likes him.” Her 13-year-old daughter has made the decision that she doesn’t want to be around this guy and no longer attends family events.

Recently, the trio of women went to see the musical Hadestown together. Afterwards, they went out to dinner and the daughter was discussing how toxic the relationship was between the two main characters. The MIL responded:  “It’s honestly the best feeling though when someone hates everyone but you. It’s so cute.”

In turn, the daughter retorted: “Well that isn’t surprising as we’ve all seen the a—hole you married.” The MIL turned to her daughter-in-law, expecting her to say something admonishing. She responded that she wouldn’t be punishing her daughter for that remark. “I also said that I try not to come from a place of authoritarian parenting. MIL said I clearly got whatever I wanted and that is why my daughter is so annoying to be around. I replied that MIL was reactive and controlling with her own kids and now they all hate her.”

Following that exchange, her MIL is really angry at her. Now, she wants to know if she was in the wrong for not punishing her daughter.

Some thought everyone was in the wrong here. “MIL gave an opinion your daughter did not like. She did not attack your daughter. Rather than replying with evidence justifying her opinion, your daughter chose to use a personal attack. Your daughter was unnecessarily unkind to MIL,” one person wrote. “MIL’s response to your lack of action was inappropriate on her part. But your response was just as bad, if not worse. Personal attacks are not okay. Everyone here acted inappropriately.”

Others felt that we weren’t getting the full picture from the Reddit user and she wasn’t being entirely objective in her post. “It’s very likely that this child is just mirroring her mother,” a user suggested. “Could the FIL be an actual a-hole, sure, but it’s also equally as possible that the daughter is just going along with her mother. 13 year olds are notorious for following along with the crowd.”

A number of people were convinced that the teenager didn’t do anything to be ashamed of. “The MIL made a ridiculous remark and got the full brunt of teenaged [no-holds-barred] bull sh-t and she deserved [e]very little bit of it,” a commenter noted.

What do you think? Who is in the wrong here?

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