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Mindy Kaling Revealed The Thoughtful Reason Why She Was Finally Ready for Parenthood

Mindy Kaling is opening up about having kids later in life. The actress/writer/director told Marie Claire in a recent interview that she wanted to wait to have daughter Katherine, 4, and son Spencer, 1, until she “had the means.” That decision, Kaling said, made all the difference.

She added: “The choice to have a child — by yourself, on your own terms — it was the best part of my life … It’s the thing that I hope women feel confident doing by themselves.”

Kaling also had some words of wisdom to offer young women everywhere. If you have the means, she said, freeze your eggs early. “They could do that once and have all these eggs for them, for their futures … to focus in your twenties and thirties on your career, and yes, love, but to know that when you’re emotionally ready, and, if you don’t have a partner, you can still have children.”

The multi-hyphenate star has given fans a few glimpses into her tight-knit family, including hangouts with grandpa, easter egg fun, playing in the snow, enjoying nature and — our personal favorite — rocking some very adorable matching pajamas.

In a recent interview with Yahoo!, Kaling expressed that the “biggest reward” is seeing how happy her kids are. “Like, they’re just so full of joy and so funny,” she said. “There’s nothing jaded or cynical about them … they just love life. For whatever reason, they have no fear in expressing themselves. You know, I was a really shy kind of repressed kid, [with] ‘be seen and not heard energy.’ And they’re very heard.”

Parenting, she discovered, also has a secret added benefit! It’s helped her really treasure rare quality time with friends. “…As most busy working parents will tell you, it’s made me cut out all the people that are just not important. … Like, I can’t keep up with so many of those relationships anymore. It’s just not going to happen,” Kaling explained.

We can’t wait for more updates on this sweet family!

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