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Shawn Johnson’s Son Jett is a Mini Football Star in the Making — Just Like His Dad!

When an Olympic gold-medaling gymnast marries a former NFL footballer player, you can bet sports are going to be an important part of their lives. Their daughter Drew, 2, is already enjoying gymnastics like her mama, but their son Jett, 1, has different interests. And if his “new favorite toy” is any indication, then he takes after his dad!

“Well … can’t make this up … little dude has a new favorite toy,” Johnson wrote on Instagram yesterday, alongside a picture of Jett. He’s a mini football star! Dressed in just a t-shirt and a diaper, the toddler is hugging a football that’s the size of his entire torso. His little fingers are spread out gripping the football with both hands, and he’s shooting the camera a picture-perfect smile, showing off his little baby teeth. It’s so stinkin’ cute!


And this wasn’t just a cute photo op moment. Johnson added that Jett “giggles, smiles, won’t put it down. 🏈” Jett already throws back drinks like a college student — so it’s no surprise that he would be interested in football, too!

“Sounds like you got a future football player on your hands 😂,” one person commented. Another said, “Like daddy like son❤️.”

“Stop it,” one person wrote, adding, “he’s so cute I can’t handle it.”

It would be so sweet if Jett took after his dad and became a football player, but Johnson and East aren’t pushing their kids either way. For the 50th anniversary of Title IX in June, Johnson shared a fun video of Drew playing sports, writing in part, “When I see my baby girl, I want her to have every opportunity to succeed and play whatever sport she wants (or no sports if that’s her preference!). Here’s to giving all of our babies the world they are dreaming of.”

At the very least, Jett and East will have a fun hobby they can do together!

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