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Bindi Irwin’s Daughter Grace Spots the Cutest Animal in the Trees at the Australia Zoo

While on an evening walk through the Australia Zoo yesterday, Bindi Irwin’s 1-year-old daughter Grace spotted the cutest animal hiding in the trees. The Australia Zoo conservationist, who shared that evenings were her “favorite time of day” last month, posted a quick video of the moment. She lifts Grace up for a better view of a gorgeous red panda!

“Evening strolls through @australiazoo and red panda spotting,” Irwin captioned the video posted to Instagram yesterday. “The most wonderful.”

Red pandas are from high altitude forests of Nepal, Burma, and China, according to the Australia Zoo. “They are well equipped for the epic environment they live in,” according to their website. “They have a thick, insulated red coat and bushy tail that can be used as a scarf in the chilly Himalayan climate.”

They like to forage for bamboo, fruit, berries, blossoms, acorns, and eggs, with specially designed wrists and paws that allow them to move effortlessly through the treetops. However, in Irwin’s video, he is simply relaxing on a tree, looking back at Grace. Who knows, maybe a red panda will become Grace’s new favorite animal?

The Crikey! It’s The Irwins star, who shares Grace with husband Chandler Powell, also posted the cutest family photo yesterday. Grace is all bundled up in a pink outfit and matching pink hat as her parents kneel down beside her and smile.

“Just wanted you to know that you’re the best and we love you @chandlerpowell ❤️,” the Australia Zoo conservationist captioned the photo. Powell responded, “I love you. Grace and I think you’re the best❤️.”

How cute is that?! It’s easy to see why Grace is always smiling when she has such a good example of love everywhere she goes.

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