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Resurfaced Video of Victoria Beckham Weighing Herself on Live TV Two Months After Having a Baby is So Unacceptable

The first thing you want to do (publicly, of course) is weigh yourself on live television just two months after giving birth…right? In a new interview, Victoria Beckham, who shares Brooklyn, Harper, Romeo and Cruz with husband David Beckham, opened up about her horrifying experience doing just that — and expressed her feelings on that horrifying segment.

The 1999 video of Beckham has resurfaced and is now going viral. The video in question — a segment from a show called Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush with Chris Evans — featured the Spice Girls singer just two months postpartum, after giving birth to her oldest child, Brooklyn. In the middle of interviewing Beckham about how well her body “bounced back” (yikes!) after delivering her baby, Evans pleads with her to get on a scale so the entire audience — and everyone tuning in at home — could see just how much she weighs.

Beckham made a clear stance on her feelings regarding the horrific stunt in her interview for Vogue Australia’s July issue, published online via The Australian. After explaining how she’d lost weight quickly after giving birth, just like her own mother had, Beckham went on to explain the terrible experience she had to endure on the show. “He made me stand on the scales to be weighed,” Beckham told Vogue Australia. “Can you imagine doing that nowadays?” 

The mother of four went on to explain that the television segment wasn’t an isolated incident. “I’ve had ‘Porky Posh’ on a headline, I’ve had ‘Skeletal Posh,'” Beckham told the outlet. The media was clearly obsessed with this new mom’s weight, as she explained even further in yet another incident. “After I had Brooklyn, there was a picture on the front page of a newspaper pointing to every single part of my body where I had to focus on losing the weight from.”

We’re so sorry Beckham had to go through this — and she’s right. This would (hopefully) never happen in today’s world, where body positivity is encouraged…especially for postpartum mothers.

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