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Olivia Munn Shares Frustration After Spilling Formula While Traveling With Son Malcolm Amid Shortage

Accidents happen, even in the middle of a nationwide baby formula shortage. Olivia Munn, who shares 7-month-old son Malcolm with boyfriend John Mulaney, learned that the hard way after an unfortunate accident she experienced while traveling — which left nearly half of her son’s formula stash unusable after it got knocked over in her suitcase.

In her June 8 Instagram Stories, Munn shared a photo of the suitcase in question. It was unzipped and opened, with both a large and small carton of baby formula spilled inside the suitcase and all over the floor. “When there’s a formula shortage and you open your suitcase to find your carefully packed formula popped open and half of it is now gone😢,” Munn wrote on the photo.

The formula shortage Munn is referring to has drastically affected every mom who formula feeds, and even those who breastfeed but supplement with formula. Beginning earlier this year, the shortage stems from supply chain delays and multiple formula recalls by the FDA. The good news? There are a few places where you can purchase baby formula safely online, in the event that your local stores are out of the kind your baby needs.

Before the formula issue is fully resolved, there are resources to help moms of infants, just like Munn, in the meantime. Gymnast Shawn Johnson and her husband, Andrew East, just started a baby formula exchange to help her son, Jett, and other infants receive formula as soon as possible.


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