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Reddit Came for a Mom-to-Be Who Wanted to Announce Her Pregnancy at Her Cousin’s Baby Shower

Becoming a mom isn’t always easy. For some, the road to motherhood is bumpy, filled with loss and heartache. A mom-to-be who is finally expecting her rainbow baby after a miscarriage is consulting with Reddit about getting mad at her cousin — who, unbelievably, decided to announce her own pregnancy at her baby shower.

In the Reddit’s AITA forum, Reddit user @rainbowbaby2022 shared how excited she was about finally expecting a child with her husband after struggling with infertility for years.

A few weeks prior to the baby shower for her rainbow baby, the mom-to-be found out her cousin was pregnant, too — and she planned on announcing her big news during the baby shower. “She said it’s not a big deal and we both can share the day,” @rainbowbaby2022 wrote in the forum. “I said absolutely not because we have been waiting for this day forever, and it should be all about me and my rainbow baby.”

When the baby shower arrived, things seemed to be going well. The expectant cousin and her mom didn’t make a peep about her pregnancy. But things took a serious turn during dessert — when they brought in their own cake and presents to announce the cousin’s pregnancy.

An argument ensued when the bridal shower guest of honor and her mom became upset with her cousin and aunt, who fought back. “They would not stop screaming, so they were kicked out by the recreation center’s security, and half our family was upset that I wouldn’t let her have a moment at my shower so they left too,” @rainbowbaby2022 wrote.

Of course, we think the expectant mom who is welcoming her rainbow baby is not in the wrong for being upset with her cousin — and when she asked Reddit whether or not she was justified for feeling that way, commenters on the AITA thread instantly (and adamantly!) sided with her.

“Absolutely NTA,” Reddit user @mooseshart wrote. “This was YOUR day, that you’ve been trying to make possible for YEARS. If she wanted to steal the spotlight, she should have spent the money, time, and effort on her own shower or announcement party.”

Another user, @unable-zone-7694, made a valid point that it’s never okay to steal someone’s thunder, no matter what the occasion is. “In my opinion this is equivalent to proposing at a wedding,” they wrote. “You don’t go to someone’s party and make it about yourself. Even if this wasn’t a rainbow baby she would still be in the wrong for trying to make your baby shower about her. Congratulations on your baby!!”

Who do you think was in the wrong?

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