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Drew Barrymore’s Cute Throwback Video Is About Being True to Yourself

Drew Barrymore is a free spirit, especially when it comes to beauty. The actress owns Flower Beauty, which makes cruelty-free, fun makeup at an affordable price, and she often rocks natural looks on social media. But she’s believed in being true to yourself ever since she was a little kid — and she has a video to prove it!

Today, The Drew Barrymore Show host posted a throwback video to Instagram of an old interview with Johnny Carson, proving she’s always believed in natural beauty and the importance of being comfortable.

In the video, the E.T. actress says, “Tell me if you notice this. It would be kinda easier to talk without my teeth.”


“What are you talking about?” Carson asks. Barrymore then proceeds to put her fingers in her mouth and pull out fake teeth. She smiles to reveal adult teeth growing in, making the audience laugh at how cute it is. Even though the teeth were presumably worn to make her smile “better,” she looks perfect just the way she is!

“Let me see those now, give me a little smile,” Carson says. Barrymore responds by giving the most adorable gap-toothed grin. “They’re really growing, aren’t they?” he asks. “Yeah,” she responds.

“So, you wear this when you do…?” he asks. She responds, “TV shows. Yes.”

“That’s just so your teeth kinda line up?” Carson says.

“Yeah, but they kill,” Barrymore responds, with a little grimace. Apparently straight teeth isn’t worth it for the uncomfortableness!

One fan commented, “Omg my heart melted! Time passes but you never change 🥰 love this !!” Another said, “The sweetest kid ever😍and haven’t changed a bit over years🥰.”

“❤️❤️ stayed real no matter what,” someone else said.

On Sunday, Barrymore posted a video to Instagram of her wearing a soaking wet T-shirt with wet hair. “If it’s raining any where you are, just run out in the rain,” she says. “Don’t miss the opportunity.”

In an interview with SheKnows on May 20, Barrymore said, “We’re really big on therapy and talking about our feelings and working on ourselves,” referring to her and her daughters, Olive, 9, and Frankie, 8, whom she shares with ex Will Kopelman. “And I’m glad that I had to work on myself really young — and to be a champion of that with my kids.”

Being true to yourself — and working on yourself — has always been important to Barrymore. She is such a good role model to her daughters (and to us!).

Even when you’re famous, Mom Guilt is a thing, as these celebrity moms show.

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