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Andy Cohen’s Son Ben is the Sweetest Little Life Coach in an Adorable Car Video

Backseat drivers are normally annoying, but we would let Andy Cohen’s 3-year-old son Ben give us tips while driving any time! The Emmy-winning host of “Watch What Happens Live” posted a video in the car to Instagram yesterday, and it’ll give you the burst of hope you need for today.

“He’s got my back…” Cohen captioned the short video. It’s a selfie taken of Cohen’s face, as he’s driving with Ben in the backseat. In the video, Cohen says, “Ben, sometimes when I drive I get a little frustrated.” As a parent, this is so relatable. He doesn’t say why he gets frustrated, but we can only assume it’s a combination of traffic, annoying drivers, and loud noises from the backseat (like crying from his newborn daughter, Lucy, maybe?).

“What should I do?” Cohen asks Ben in the video. We love how he’s facilitating an open conversation with son about it and asking him for advice!


“Sometimes you get frustrated,” Ben replies, in the sweetest little voice you’ve ever heard. “And I will help you!” Aww! We are crying, this is so adorable.

“You will help me?” Cohen asks. “Yeah,” says Ben.

“Thank you! How are you going to help me?” asks Cohen. “Like, just help you,” Ben answers.

“Thank you. I need your help,” Cohen responds, then looks back at his son. “Oh,” Ben says. “It’s going to be OK, right?” asks Cohen.

Ben responds, “Yeah, it’s OK!

What a cute pep talk! Ben is the life coach you never knew you needed. People were commenting on this adorable video. “Thanks Ben. We needed your sweet words today,” one person wrote. Another said, “He is filled with love !!! Great job dad. Means he is surrounded in it too.”

“I absolutely love to hear his little voice,” someone else wrote. “I miss these days. What a love ♥️.”

Cohen posted a picture of his daughter, Lucy, on April 29, thanking his “rock star surrogate” for bringing her into the world. On May 1, he shared a sweet snap of Ben kissing Lucy.

On May 21, he shared a picture of himself and Lucy cuddling on the couch, writing, “🌞Happy Saturday! 🌞”


It’s obvious Cohen is thoroughly enjoying dad life and soaking up the precious moments. Who knows? Maybe Ben has a future in TV too! Or at least motivational speaking.

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