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Bindi Irwin’s Daughter Grace Had the Best Time on Vacation to Tasmania

Nobody appreciates the beauty of the world like Bindi Irwin’s 1-year-old daughter Grace Warrior. This little girl has been admiring animals and soaking up amazing moments her whole life. Recently, Grace went on a vacation with her family — and she is smiling the whole time!

Irwin, who shares Grace with husband Chandler Powell, posted a highlight reel of a vacation they took with Irwin’s mom, Terri, and her younger brother, Robert. The family went to Tasmania, which is an island state of Australia located about 150 miles south of the Australian mainland.

“Tasmania 2022 💙,” Irwin captioned the video, which is set to “Hold Back the River” from the Gardiner Sisters.

Grace wears pink in almost every single clip. In the video, she is shown walking along a bridge, going down a slide, admiring the gorgeous sunset, walking along the beach, playing with rocks, hiking, walking with pigeons, playing in the rain, and just exploring the wilderness with her family. She looks absolutely delighted with everything, with the biggest ear-to-ear grin on her face and sparkle in her eyes as she soaks in the stunning natural scenes around her.

“Making the best memories❤️,” Powell commented on the video.

Someone else wrote, “My heart is exploding with joy right now! What precious memories are being created for you every single day. Thanks for sharing these 💙.”

“I’m not crying, 😭” another wrote. “This little girl is just beyond beautiful and you can see how much she is loved and she knows it. It’s in her eye sparkle. ✨”

Powell also posted a video to Instagram yesterday from their vacation. In it, he and Grace are sitting on the beach, looking over the water as the sky is lit up in rainbow colors from the sunset. “Reveling in these little moments,❤️” he wrote.


“Grace is already growing up to be such a strong and independent little lady,” Powell added. “@bindisueirwin and I are so excited for the life Grace has ahead of her.” Irwin commented on the video: “My whole world.”

Robert also shared special moments from the family vacation — including little Grace, of course. His video shows gorgeous landscape shots of ocean, mountains, rainbows, and more, as well as scenes from behind his camera.


On May 24, Irwin posted relatable family selfies from Tasmania, where Grace is looking off in the distance. It’s hard to get a toddler to sit still when there is so much to see!

It looks like the Irwin/Powell family had a fantastic time! When you gaze at the world through the eyes of a child, it’s easy to appreciate its natural wonders.

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