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Bindi Irwin’s Latest Post With Daughter Grace Nails The Struggle of Taking Pictures with Toddlers on Vacation

Taking pictures is not on the list of things 1-year-old Grace Warrior wants to do today. Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell took their daughter on vacation, and naturally, they wanted to capture the moment on camera. After all, this toddler is one photogenic little girl! But the beautiful water views are just so distracting for Grace (can’t blame her!), and Irwin posts the results of their hilarious family selfies on Instagram today.

“We may need to work on our family vacation selfie game… 🤍” Irwin captioned the photos.

The pictures feature the family on a dock, where you can see water, boats, and city lights in the background. Irwin is standing by the edge holding Grace, and Powell is holding the camera to capture the moment. But Grace is a blurry flash of movement, looking up at the sky with one hand in her mom’s face. Irwin seems to be laughing genuinely at the silly girl. Honestly, that’s all you can do when you’re struggling to get a toddler to sit still and smile.

The next photo is a closer-up shot, this time with Irwin smiling at the camera sans hand in her face. It’s definitely a cute family selfie, even though Grace is still not looking. She has one hand in her mouth and the other is reaching out to the side, where her whole body is turned gazing at something. Maybe she spotted a fish? The moment is so relatable!

Fans were loving the photo. One person wrote, “Grace Warrior is giving game to the selfie 😂 she is making it fun 💜.”

“No! It’s the look of spontaneity that makes it so lovely and real!” another wrote. This is so true. They’ll look back on these silly moments with so much fondness one day. And, hey, at least they have this adorable family selfie on the beach from last week!

Celebrities — they’re just like us! Especially when it comes to embarrassing their kids.

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