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Husband Doesn’t Understand the Seriousness of Pregnancy Cravings & Reddit Rightfully Roasts Him

Pregnancy cravings are serious business – and I say this as someone who was once brought to literal tears in a food court because the restaurant was out of my salad dressing of choice. I have also ravenously devoured an entire package of sliced turkey straight from my friend’s grocery bag, and pilfered the fridge for fruit, coming up with only half-rotten grapes and eating them anyway. When you’re pregnant, the intensity of cravings is astonishing and will make you behave in downright animalistic ways.

So when a husband on Reddit’s “AITA” forum wanted opinions on a pregnancy craving situation, commenters came through — but maybe not in the way he’d hoped.

“My wife is pregnant and has a lot of cravings,” he began in his post. “[W]e had some of my friends over and I had cooked two dinners. I had cooked some mac and cheese and I had also cooked a traditional food from my wife’s country. My wife was craving the traditional food and had said she’d not eat mac and cheese so she could eat the traditional dish.”

Let’s reiterate that last line: his pregnant wife was craving the traditional food and said she wanted that instead of mac and cheese. End of story, right? Wrong.

The Redditor went on to say that his wife felt kind of sick — as pregnant women do — and went to lie down, saying she’d eat later when she got up. But then the friends swarmed on the traditional dish like a pack of locusts, leaving the mac and cheese largely untouched. “Then another friend of mine arrived and I asked him if he wanted to eat and he said yes. I saw that there was only one plate left of the traditional dish but out of politeness I had to ask him what he preferred and he said the traditional dish so I gave him the last plate,” he continued.

Folks? He gave. His friend. The last plate.

Half an hour later, the Redditor’s wife got up ready to eat. But no: “She went to make her plate and saw that the traditional dish was over and she got upset and said ‘you didn’t keep any for me?'” He told her that “the guys wanted to try it out,” to which she responded with tears and reminded him that the entire reason he made the dish in the first place was because she was craving it.

“She went to bed tearing up and didn’t eat anything. She didn’t want mac and cheese. My friends told me that she’s acting like a spoilt kid and I should ignore her but I can’t help but feel like an AH for not keeping her a plate,” the husband finished.

First of all. Sir. Your wife is not acting like “a spoilt kid” — she’s acting like a pregnant woman whose very intense craving was pooh-poohed by a bunch of selfish a-holes. And secondly, said selfish a-holes shouldn’t be dragging the woman who is incubating your offspring.

Reddit wholeheartedly agreed and wasted no time letting the husband know he was, indeed, the AH. “His pregnant wife! Carrying his child. Saving her a plate is the least he could do. His friends should be siding with the wife, if I was the last minute friend and ate the last plate not knowing about the wife wanting it, I’d be mad he didn’t tell me. Hope OP is sleeping on the couch, that is such a dick move,” said one commenter.

“OP is unwilling to stand up for his wife, while she spends 9 months gestating their baby. What an AH,” chimed in another.

“YTA! I am angry for your wife reading this,” ranted Redditor IHateCamping. “Your friends are a bunch of asses too. From the beginning, you should have told your friends the mac and cheese was for them and the other dish is for your wife. Period. You could have at least set a plate aside for her. I hope you kicked your friends out when they started saying SHE’s the spoiled one when they couldn’t even keep their grubby paws out of her food. You’re going to be a father now, do better.”

Here’s hoping that the dad-to-be learned a valuable lesson about messing with a woman’s pregnancy cravings … and that his poor wife gets all the food she wants from here on out!


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