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Kaavia James Went on a Pony Ride & She Was Hilariously Unimpressed

Kaavia James continues to very adorably live up to her nickname #ShadyBaby. The 3-year-old attended a friend’s birthday party and kept herself cool and composed during the festivities, which included a pony ride, petting zoo and cotton candy galore. Kaavia concluded the big day by taking a nice nap in the back of the car, stuffed bear in tow. Her mom, Gabrielle Union, was also on hand for the fun and got in on all the cotton candy action.

“Pony rides, petting zoo, bounce houses…come on son, ya making the rest of us look bad!” Union captioned the video. “Way to bring in the big 1 homie. #ShadyBaby.”

If you haven’t checked out all of #ShadyBaby’s antics, we highly recommend that you do. The mischievous little one enjoys trolling her parents on a fairly regular basis — like that recent time she mysteriously started smiling in pictures.

“When @kaaviajames started smiling like this, it came outta the blue and none of us could figure out why she was doing it,” Union quipped, alongside a series of photos. “Now I get it. She’s been trolling meeeeeeee 😂🤣😭😂🤣 swipe to see how Kaav thinks I smile. It really be your own kids! #ShadyBaby.” 

Kaavia also likes to keep things really honest with Union, even when the truth hurts. The toddler informed her mom that her breath smelled in a hilarious video posted back in March, by blowing air into her hand.

“My breath stinks?” Union asked. Kaavia responded with a simple: “Yeah.” Union followed up by asking her daughter for advice on what she should do about her bad breath. Kaavia responded by blowing into her hand again. “It be your own kids 😂🤣😂🤣😂,” Union captioned the video. “@kaaviajames is something else.”

All we can do is hope that Kaavia keeps up her trolling, unguarded honesty and general shadiness. We, the viewers at home, need it.

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