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This Mom Delivered Her Own Baby on the Roadside — With 5 Kids in Tow

Heather Skaats had her water birth all planned out. Then, life got in the way. The pregnant mother of 5 was driving home with all her kids in the car when she suddenly felt like she needed to pull over. She got out of the car, went over to some grass, and … had her baby.

“It was so quick! I only thought these things happened in movies!” she wrote in a Facebook post, which has since pulled in more than 1,000 likes. “I then proceeded to drive to the house with him still attached where my midwives arrived about 10 minutes later. And then we had to pick the grass off him. 🤣

Skaats wrote that she’s still in shock that she gave birth so quickly and publicly — but she’s in a very good place now. “He is perfect, all of the kids are happy to have him here, and today was a day I will never forget,” she explained. “My husband is not too happy about missing it but at least he was on the phone with me when I called to say ‘I’m going to have a baby on the side of the road’ and 5 seconds later he came out. 🤷‍♀️

They haven’t decided on a name for the baby yet, though her son pitched “The Flash,” which feels extremely fitting. Skaats told TODAY that they’re considering going with either Porter or Wolf, which are names of the streets right by where he was born.

So, how in the world did Skaats remain calm during this very terrifying situation? It helped, she said, that she’s had some prior experience.  “I think having home births in the past sort of taught me to trust my body,” Skaats said. “Knowing the process really helped.”

A big congratulations to the new mom on safely delivering her son! She now has an icebreaker story for literally any party she ever attends.

Childbirth is nothing like in the movies, as these beautiful photos show.

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